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sizing questions from a noob

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hey guys...i just stumbled upon this forum while i was looking for sizing information on diesel jeans (some great stuff in here!) so...i recently lost weight and decided to get some slim jeans, and i always knew diesel was pretty good at making them. i bought the other day, having my fingers crossed, a thavar 8b9  W31 L30 and it fit very nicely. i was afraid that i wasnt ready for a W31 lol. (i wonder why many people consider it to be a boring wash, its simple and nice). so, what i wanted to ask is what size should i get on these??




8X2  ,  8QL  , 886B , 801D , 801C 






i found the 886B at a ridiculous price but its a 32x30 and im not sure if i should size up or not icon_confused.gif


please tell me if i should size down or up on any of those and of course any suggestion about these or other washes would be very much appreciated icon_biggrin.gif thanks!

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I can say with certainty and based on my experience with these washes except the thavar 8QL that they fit pretty much the same way. So go with W31. 

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886b stretches a lot.
Stick with your size.
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wow you guys are fast. thanx. too bad about the 886B because i found it at half the price i will have to pay for a 31. oh well. ill post a photo of the 8B9 later so you can check if it fits as it should (i am still a noob, remember? icon_razz.gif)

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I don't think 8b9 is boring. It's a classic wash in my opinion. Very easy to wear. Got just enough fading and distress details. They're considered my everyday jeans.

8x2 and 886b are fantastic washes. If you like to wear your skinny jeans tight like I do, Stick with w31 but be prepare that you might have to "squeeze" in them for the first couple of times. Like everyone else says they do all stretch out after. Bad news is that these are pretty hard to find nowadays.
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well i kinda like they way my legs look with that type of jeans. with a bit baggy tshirt you become a model or something lol. anyway, yes its difficult to find them but thats what ebay is for. it just pisses me off that i found the 886B at like 130e in W32...W31 cost like 200euros lol. but oh well, theyre the best grey jeans ive ever seen so theyre worth the money.

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does anything change to the upper part of a pair of jeans if you buy it longer? i for example wear 30L...would something change if i got a 32L apart the fact that i would have to take it to a tailor..would it be more baggy or something? 

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No not if the waist is same. But I would not Recommend you shorten them. In fact I'm highly against that. These jeans come with a pre pressed Wrinkles to give that 3D effect, by shortening them it will just kill the special effect. I'm also L30 but I have several pairs in L32 that I refuse to shorten because of that. And they look very cool with the extra wrinkles on the bottom.
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because of the 3d effect a 32 is usually shorter than a 32 w/o wrinkles so i think it'd be pretty easy to go up w/o them appearing too much longer

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