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tepphar 800B jogjeans

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hi everybody,


i would appreciate your opinion on teppher joggjeans, fit and sizing.

my usual waist size is 27, should i pick a 26, since they are made with elastin ?

what do you think about the wash, light blue ?

do they fit like leggings (i know that tepphar is carrot with tight lower end.

thanks !

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all jogg jeans fit like leggins, unfortunately..


Tried them on, but they looked ridiculous

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They fit like legging yes. Whatever you do, dont buy 26. Maybe 28 is better for you to give it more normal look.
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yeah you need chicken legs otherwise you look like a girl ;D

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First, hello to everybody ,

I just bought a Tepphar 800b on ebay. The description said it was brandnew and unworn. But I reconized some dirty (brown) spots on the jeans. Sadly I haven't seen this wash in stores. So I'm not sure if the jeans has been already worn , because I thought this wash was clean.


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Post a picture so we can help you

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Here the pictures . But the spots are very hard to see. Mostly they are above and under the scratches. They look a little like coffe spots. I never saw that on a Diesel jeans.

Thx for your help!!

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it's normal

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