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Which diesel jeans should I buy?

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Hi guys!



I will be going to NYC and I want to buy one or two more pairs of Diesel jeans. I'm fairly short and slim (about 5'5, 130 lbs) so I like jeans that are a bit tapered. I previously bought a pair of Thavar 888p 28x30 and I really like them.  






So, any recommendations on similar jeans for a guy of my stature? 

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Here's my picks from top to last.


Shioner 801A

Shioner 805A

Thavar 801C

Darron 803W

Tepphar 804K

Thavar 802K one of the dark grey olive.

Thanaz 660Q


good luck.

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Thanks so much :D

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the top 2 Shioners Denim Collector has listed are defintely my favorites too.  I would also add Shioner 886a and thavar 8u3 to consider.  these 2 don't have the pre-pressed stacking look, but the washes are pretty cool. 

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801A are my favourites this season. So much so I'm gonna grab another pair in the sales.
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yah phukette - I came to really really love mine too.... like you said the stacking on it is just unbelievable.... like everything about it just fits.. it fits WAY better than my shioner 8PN... tells you how much a wash can differ from the fit altho they suppose to be same cut...


I think I'm waiting for Thavar 801c to go on sale after looking at the other post...

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

801A are my favourites this season. So much so I'm gonna grab another pair in the sales.

i tought it was 805 a...you said 10/10 right?

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IMO 805A is just cool regular dark blue wash with super thick cotton, 801a is much more special. Its color is really cool, sometime a definitely blue, sometimes dark grey(usually under halogen) and sometimes a combined blue-gray color.

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Agreed with everyone.  801a is the badest of all!  amazing wash with a fit that hugs you like gloves without looking like leggings.  A++ in my rating.

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Originally Posted by Soulsavers View Post

i tought it was 805 a...you said 10/10 right?

On paper the 805A gets top marks but as the season goes on I find I enjoy wearing the 801A more and look forward to wearing them more than any other pair.
Like denim collector said, it's the colour, the wash is so cool and unique.
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I am going to buy some new Diesel's today. I was going to go for Thavar 888P but New York Speed have sold out. I also have an offer for some at $300US but I think that might still be expensive.


So here is the list of jeans I like...which shall I get?


Thavar 888P for $300US

Thavar 802K Light or dark

Shioner 886A

Shioner 805A

Shioner 74Y

Shioner 8D4



What are your thoughts guys?

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I'd take thavar 888p for a special light wash. You should wait for the sales, you'll probably get it for much cheaper price.
886a is really cool black-blue wash, 8d4 is just regular black wash. Consider taking shioner 804h for much cooler black wash, though its really thin like 802k. Not sutible for a cold winter.
What about 801a? My favorite wash this season.
Anyway, like I said, if you wanna cool light wash take thavar 888p, 805a is cool dark blue wash but it's really overpriced, 801a is much more special, you could get it for low price since its from the preview.
My best advice is to wait for the sales.
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Agreed. You own a lot of light washes lee, getting a dark wash like 801A would freshen up your wardrobe nicely. That or 74Y would be nice.
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Levislad, from your list I'd recommend 805a just like everyone else said. Although they're pricy but quite nice wash for winter, and they fit very well if you like them tight. I'd also recommend the 886a, much cheaper (i think you can get for 200us now) compare to others in the collection. made in tunisia but very cool wash. It's got that dirty rusty oil stained effect. I liked the wash when it was only available for Darron last winter, now they finally have in Shioner (my new fav cut). Lastly, I think you should consider shioner 801a. Pics don't do justice on those and you'd have to see them in person. They are BAD.
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I want buy a 888p but I can wait for sales. Where I can buy online on sales? I didn`t know much websites because I live outside US. I`m able to send to some relatives in an US address, so what is the best options to buy Diesel in a good price?


Tks a lot

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I decided to go for the Shioner 886A from New York Speed!

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awesome Lee!! the wash is really unique but only downfall is its not MII...  post fit pix once ready! :)

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I will do! They will take a couple of weeks to arrive I guess!

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the stores in NYC didn't carry Shioner 801A... can i custom order it at my local store?

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