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Comparison of Thanaz 887K and Shioner 805A (pics)

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Here's a comparison of the Thanaz 887K (30/30) and the Shioner 805A (29/30). Left Thanaz, right Shioner.

No flash


With flash


'Neutral' pics

Thanaz 887K


Shioner 805A


This is the feeling they give me

Thanaz 887K

Cold Method Shirt

G-star Jacket

Boss shoes


Shioner 805A

8mm shirt

Junk de Luxe knitwear

Hub shoes


Phukette's fit pics and review of Thanaz 887K:



Phukette's fit pics and review of Shioner 805A:


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That pretty much sums up my feelings on the two pairs as well. Although I'm gonna dress up the 805A for a night out tonight. Will upload photos later. I'd like to know what you guys will think.
Great review mate.
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Thanaz 887k --- super classic jeans. Great wash

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great review man.... I have the 887K and thinking about the 805A..... waiting for local department stores to go on sale!

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nice review, thanks ramirez!

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Thanks guys! icon_biggrin.gif
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Ramirez, thanks for the great review. Wondering how do you find the fit of Thanaz 887K? I noticed that we both bought the same size. W29 for 805a and W30 for 887K


Now i finally understand why many say 805A is the dark wash version of 888p.

One photo for comparison




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This info would be helpful because i'm thinking about picking up the 887k as well.  and i also have 805a in size 29w.

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Don't think I can pull off a 29 as well in 887k and make them look good. Think they'll fit, but would look like leggings! So the 30 is perfect for me. Think the waist is slightly looser then were my 805a's in the beginning, and the 805A's are a bit longer (both l. 30).

Regret most of my buys with waist 30, but these are perfect!
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Hello guys - did your 805A stretch after few wears?? I've already bought 28 in final sale at local store; i fit in them and they're tight.. they also had 29 which to me fit better but i was afraid after wear they will be too loose.  pls help make sure my 28s will stretch a bit..

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Yes they will stretch for sure but not a full size.

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okies, yah 29's are perfect now so they will stretch to be too big.. i hope i didn't make wrong decision on getting them 28s!

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Thinking of picking a pair of  Thanaz 887K, i wear 31 x 32 in thavar 8x2 and shioner 805a, Thavar has stretched a lil but feels perfect with a belt . With shioner i haven't worn yet. should i go for 31 x 32 ? or 32 x 32 ? in 887K would the waist be loose ? if i get 32 x 32 . This would be my first pair of Thanaz . Help would be really appreciated.

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i usually wear W31 in thavar and shioner but i followed everyones advice and got thanaz 887K in W32. im 100% sure i wouldnt be able to fit in a W31. the thighs are too tight. 

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Size up If you wanna walk with the jeans.
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@ Audit30 what about 32 inch ? is the waist loose ? how about the thighs ? if i get 32 inch, is the thighs similar to 31 in thavar/shioner 

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in W32 i feel like i get the perfect fit. waist isnt loose. maybe just comfortable but by no means loose. thighs are snug but not unbearably tight. if i had bought W31 im pretty sure i wouldnt be able to fit in it.

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Thank you so much for the information really appreciated for the feedback 

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Hi, i wanted to low how the 805a fits compared to the 811p or 888p
I wear 28x32 on 811p and 29x32 in 888p, do you think a 28x34 un 805a would be toi long or to slim in the waist ? Thanks for your advices
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I would get your 888P size. They fit pretty much the same. Similar denim too. Thick and coarse.
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805a is an amazing pair of jeans. Especially in shioner it just fits perfect i have to thank phukette, giving advise me to re-consider shioner cut post my 880w . the thickness of the denim just hugs your body very nice.

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wore around my 805a at home last night all night.. god its tight, but I hope they loosen up after few wears..  I just find them super low waisted like my Shioner 8PN.. but nothing like my 801A.. do you guys have this low waist problem or maybe I just bought mine too small?

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It will get stretched pretty quick, ecpecially the waist area(which was super thight).
I think 801a(in my original size) is the most loosen skinny cut and wash I have.
Lately I've been thinking about replacing my 887k, after a year of weekly usage it's really worn out.
I love that jeans but the calves area is really thight(even after sizing up). I though about viker but it's doesn't look good and special like thanaz(where is the leather???) Sizing up to 34 will have bulged look, even after altered.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

I would get your 888P size. They fit pretty much the same. Similar denim too. Thick and coarse.
Thanks ! And what about the length ?
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yah i feel you - my 887k isn't getting as much action cuz of the tight thighs and looser waist.... i just couldn't really fit it the way i want to as a dress up pair.. you can't have saggy bum for dress up jean.. but now 805A replaces that... except its sits low on the hip so when tuck in shirt may not be what i want too.. god dammit.

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