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New guy + few questions!

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I'm Paul and highly addicted to Diesel denim. My current collection includes: Safado 0885R, Thanaz 0073N, Krooley 0880W, Zatiny 0882W, and Zatiny 008AT.




Now down to questions:


I absolutely LOVE the 880W wash that I recently scored at Nordstrom Rack for $60! However, I've noticed that Krooley fits very loose and baggy in my regular size (36x32). Should I try and find this wash in different fit (they make Safado and Shioner versions of it) or just size down with Krooley? I've noticed that with the current size, I have enough space in the thigh and waist to go down a notch...


Also, which carrot fit fits the slimmest? Tepphar or Braddom?


Which straight fit is the slimmest apart from Safado? I tried Larkee and hated them! Timmen is alright, but I'm mainly wondering about Viker.


I'm also thinking about selling my light wash Zatiny's as it seems like I cannot pull lighter denim off... They just don't fit with anything that I have... They've been worn once and are size 36x32. If anyone's interested, let me know!



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Welcome Paul!

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Hi, Jennifer:)

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