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Diesel Yell Boots.

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Hi, I'm planning to get the Diesel Yell boots. I wear 9.5 for tennis/casual shoes but they don't have it in that size. All the sites doesn't carry 9.5, not sure why. They only have 9, 10 and 10.5. So anyone that knows Diesel boots, would you let me know if I should get size 9 or 10. And also, do you guys think I should get it or any other boots you guys would recommend instead of this one. TIA!

Just another info, I've never own any boots in my life.

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go with size 9 (safe size) or even size 8... I usually wear size 9 in most sneakers but I have to go with size 8 in Diesel Cassidy boots. And from my experience, sizing down from sneaker size in boots size is the right way (All saints, Diesel, H by Hudson, Frank Wright).

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YEP. same here. Go with 9 or 8.

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Cool, thanks for your guys help.

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