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So I'm new to this part of Denimblog but I check out the site at least once a day to see what the celebs are wearing. I've been checking it out for about 2 years now so I've gone from a big 7 FAM fan, to AG, to Vince, to J Brand (finally, right?) to my newest obsession with Rag & Bone. Currently in my rotation I have a few pairs of 7s still, 2 pr of AGs, about 6 pr of J Brand and about 5 pr of Rag & Bone. Shoe wise, I'm obsessed with my R&B Newbury's and Harrow's. I have a few pair of jeans for sale right now on eBay but I think I'll move it over here where people are probably a little more savvy about their denim. Ok, so that's me in a nutshell. Have a great evening!icon_smile.gif
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Welcome JenS!

I am currently obsessed with the Newburys! You sound like you have amazing style! I'd love to have you post in the What are you Wearing today thread!



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Thanks, Jennifer!  I started loving the Newburys last year when I bought a black pair and have been hooked ever since.  They are sooooo comfortable!  The Harrows are, also (I have a tan nubuck pair of those) but you have to order one size up on those.  Still, same great heel and padded footbed as the Newburys!



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JenS, welcome to the site! 

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