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Newbie here. My name is Jayne, I'm from Salt Lake City and I'm lovin Denim Blog!


A little bit about me... I'm a graphic designer  ////  Just moved to Denver {love it!}  ////  Love me some jeans  ////  I love to travel  ////  I love anything sweet {except brownies}  ////  I love design {graphic, interior, fashion}  ////  Avid Diet Coke Drinker  ////  I redecorate my house every 3 months {I get stir crazy}  ////  I road bike, mountain bike, snow ski, & waterski  ////  I'm a pinner | follow me ////  I own a wedding invitation studio :: www.OctoberInk.com  ////  I want a newfoundland dog real bad but our landlord says no :(  ////  I love Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, & The Head & the Heart  ////  I don't think I own pants that are not jeans  ////  I love making to-do lists {nerdy, I know}  ////  My favorite TV Show of all time is Arrested Development... my close second... Friday Night Lights.





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Welcome Jayne!


Awesome intro!

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Nice to meet you Jayne! How long have you been pinning?! 300k followers is amazing!

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Hi Jayne!


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Oh thanks Steph. I've been pinning for 2 years now. 

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PS I love both Arrested Development and FNL!

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Watched all seasons of each in a month. Kind of sick... but so worth it. ...Ha ha ha

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I did the same thing! Apparently they're making movies for both!

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