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Zathan 73l

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are Zathan 73l fake? They are on ebay right now 30 x 32,never heard of this wash.

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Just google it icon_wink.gif
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got nothing on google

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I had this wash back in the days, it has existed. And try 73i instead...

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 Thanks ,did you like them? any details on sizing,denim thickness, etc.?

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Well, it's an everyday wash, nothing special about them really. I remember that I sized down because they stretch quite a bit. After, it depends if you like them really fitted or not.


The denim thickness is regular; it's not thick and stiff as 71J for example but not thin like 886B that I find to be very thin.


I don't know what to say more about this wash but it's nothing outstanding in my opinion ;)

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alright , thanks!

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