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just above where you type your post, click the square button 3rd of right, then choose upload files
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OK this is the shioner 74y:












Let me know what you think, he also sent me photos of the safado 8ym and safado 880w want to see?

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I asked for a full frontal pic but he hasn´t replied. I know what the 74y look like but i just feel that this one looks to light and the fabric seem like   very soft but i don´t know i mean the tags do seem authentic.

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do you have photos of the full frontal or back?? shiet its hard to tell.. if indeed real then may have got a sweet deal on pair of nice 74Y's.

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I know right! I have an arsenal o f real Diesel but this one is...... dunno very hard to tell right?

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wait a sec i´ll show the pics he sent me of the safado 8ym. I have a Timmen 8ym and this one does look identical. But it is just toooooo cheap!

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they are definitely real. the question is or if these are retail or outlet version. But I think retail, because no one left a negative feedback. for example that there is a hole in the pocket. I bought a really cheap thanaz from outlet because they had some hole in the pocket.
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What do you think? Safado 8ym








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Want to see the 8ym?

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I don´t think they are real. I mean it is just too cheap.

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I just asked this seller for a refund, good thing he hasn´´t shipped the stuff.

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they looked real tho....  He has 3 negative feedback in the past a while ago claiming fake jeans..  But this guy offers refund too.... I guess we'll see from another member to see if they are real once he received it.  Since he bought 28x32! ahahahaha.

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If I was the seller I'd sell them for 150 or something, then people would buy more. strange little world.
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Yes that is correct, i rather buy something expensive than cheap even if it is the exact same thing.

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For me it i not worth the risk. Kind of regreting it, the 8ym looke exactly the same. But i rather pay for someone in the US for it. There is one going at 180$ i think i´ll get that one.

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Originally Posted by gabo View Post

Yes that is correct, i rather buy something expensive than cheap even if it is the exact same thing.

I asked a buyer on ebay who also bought this jeans to let me know when he receives his. Should be tomorrow or begin next week. Will let you know if he got a real one.
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Thanks Baltimore! that would be awesome. 

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The seller sent me some more photos of the shioner 74y is it real what do you think?






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C´mon guys! any guesses/help? is it authentic?

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I think that they are real actually, if not I think they LOOK like real. For example, 888P all pairs are different so if I see someone wearing 888P that look like mine I would not think that those are fake. Same thing with 8x2. If mine look like them I will be happy actually, cuz apperently none of us can say that those are 100 % fake and will definately not notice if they are fake IRL ?!?

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If those are fake, all cred to that guy who can make jeans that are identical 

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Notice that the shioner has "succesful living" in inner waist band and this one doesn´t seems weird.

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Blind :D:D:D?

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Well I know you are very unsecure but if you have a decent monitor and really looking to the left of the "L32" you can see it.  The "L" is starting above the TAG on the inner waist!

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