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Shioner 74Y question

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Hi all,


I have a question about Shioner 74y wash. Why there are so many different nuances of this wash (brown, blue, dust)...?


Thank you

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i dunno. why did they make them blue? why did they add belt loops? these questions make just as much sense as yours! lol

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What do you mean by the nuances(blue, brown)? I just have not seen 74y different versions as 888p

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Just different lighting. You will receive a blue jeans.

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To me they look different. Most the Shioners 74y that I've seen look different or at least the patterns of ones look clean light blue, the patterns of the other looks dusty blue. I think they are made different way.

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yeah, 1 has dirty spots on it, the other doesn't. But I can't tell you why they do that.
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If so, then get a few pairs and choose the best.

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the one's i saw didnt have much variation. those look different mostly due to the way the pictures were taken.

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It's just lighting and the individual description from the website. They don't get set details from details so descriptions change. Like it was said before, you will get a dark royal blue with abrasions and distressing.
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Hey phukette,
How is that 74y wash?
Its funny but I own a lot of the same washes as you.
Very similar tastes.
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I actually didn't own these for very long. I sold them after a couple of wears. Wish I didn't though. I might purchase again when they come on yoox! And by similar taste you mean we have good taste! icon_smile.gif
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is this too good to be true??




i always get iffy when its this cheap...... hmmmmmm

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Damn I also saw it yesterday... dunno what to do icon_razz.gif
90euro is nut much for 74y
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Ask for actual photo to confirm?
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i have also seen that ebay listing and i couldnt pull the trigger as i was too scared they would be fakes O_o anyone got a clue?? 

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I took the 28/32, 94 EUR inc shipping to Sweden... Why not hope that they are real and NWT :D Better take that chance before we die in 8 days :D:D:D

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Originally Posted by CLarsson View Post

I took the 28/32, 94 EUR inc shipping to Sweden... Why not hope that they are real and NWT icon_biggrin.gif Better take that chance before we die in 8 days icon_biggrin.gif:D:D

BAM! you took Denim Collectors size icon_razz.gif
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HAHAHAHAHAHA... That's a great spirit!! the world ends. hahahahaha. maybe you dont even need to pay the credit card bill icon_razz.gif


let us know how it is once you receive it please!!!!!  74Y is nice but not top of my wish list right now.. still hunting for 887D and 68Z....  but for this price it may be a bargain!!

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I pull the triger with the same seller, he sent me some actual photos and I can´t decide if they are original or not

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i´ll try to post the pictures he sent me.

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would be nice. we can tell you if it's real or not
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wait a sec, how do you upload pics in this forum

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