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New Jeans: Shioner, Thanaz, Chi-Tight B, Krooley. FIT PICS, Opinions etc.....

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So I have been away for a while, perks of being a teacher means I get to do what I like for 6 weeks over the summer :-D

Back into the swing of things now though, and figured before I dive back into the WAYWT forum, I would post some fit pics of my new AW12 jeans and see what yall think....


1. Shioner 801A (31x30)
Worn with All Saints Tonic Crew, Diesel Belt, Paul Smith Leather Trainers.




Some of you may have seen me post a fit pic of these before, but as they are from the new season I figured I would include them in the thread. Based on the other jeans I have, I decided that Shioner was my best cut so I was pleased when I got these on the cheap. They are quite a thick denim and I have noticed that depending on the light, they can look either really dark or more of a blue colour. They stack really well and I am really pleased with them.


2. Chi-Tight B (31)

Worn with Fred Perry Knitted polo, Diesel woven Belt, Adidas Tweed Trainers.




I never owned a pair of Diesel Chi-Tight before, or any sort of chino that they do. These are the $348 pair which seems very excessive, although I did not pay that for them. They are cool, the pictures do not do them justice as you cannot really see the vertical composition of them, the 'Herringbone' look. I got these in a 31 and I am pleased with how they fit, but I believe they come in a standard length, so I have to turn them over once or twice. Very nice, but wouldn't pay retail for them.


3. Thanaz 660Q (31x30)

Worn with Topman Shirt, Diesel Belt, Clark 'Jink' suede shoes.





So I had a pair of jeans to exchange at Diesel, and as I dont have a store anyway near me, when I managed to get to a store I was hoping they would have all of the new stuff, but they didnt. As a result, I picked these up, and I am glad I did. They weren't on my wishlist, I was hoping for another new pair of Shioner or the Thavar 801C. Having tried these on in store and wearing them since, they have grown on me. The herringbone effect is awesome and they fit pretty much like any other Thanaz I have. Really Pleased.


4. Thanaz 660S (31x30)

Worn with Diesel BG Tee, Diesel Belt, Vans Black Leather.





Again, I got these at less than retail and took a punt, Not really sure how I feel about them to be honest. They are quite a thin denim although the vertical composition is very noticeable as you can see. I think it is the colour more than anything that puts me off. They are definitely a grey jean and despite the tint of blue above, you rarely see this IRL. Opinions?


5. Krooley 888R 'Blue Eyecon' (31x30)

Worn with Diesel 'Jaylin' Jacket, Primark Tee, Diesel woven Belt, Navy Vans.





I know these are past season, but put these in here as they are also new for me. Krooley is not usually my cut, but they always seem to get some awesome washes that you cant get in Shioner/Tepphar/Thavar. I have had several pairs of Krooley in the past and had to sell them on, as a lot of them havn't had the 3D effect so have stacked pretty poorly on me (8X9, 8YM and 880W). These were different in the sense that they came with the factory stacking and had the 'twisted' 3D look in the leg, which I liked. I dont think they look too bad. My usual Krooley size was a 30 so I got these in a 31 so they wouldn't emphasise my thighs as much, and I think it worked. Opinions?


I think Im pretty happy with my collection now, I think I am up to about 25 pairs and some are starting to get neglected. Still have a few on my wishlist (Tepphar 804K, Thavar 888P, Thavar 8NE, Thavar 801C, and Shioner 805A) but i'm in no rush. Will hopefully pick then up discounted. :-D

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Very nice pairs of jeans you got there leftvapor. I also own the chi tight and love it very much. Although I paid retail price for it, I don't regret at all. That's one pair I don't want to take a chance to wait for it go on sale and then dont have my size available.
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All fit well, you've got great style leftvapor.
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Leftvapor, good to see you back! I've missed your pix on here. I have been lacking style guidance whilst you have been away!

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Great fits!
Your 801A looks blue-Ish! Mine is grey. Good color combo with shirt btw

Off-topic: how often do you visit the gym? Working on my body since 2 months now.. Hope to fit a Medium instead of a Small one day :-p
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Thanks for the comments guys. Apologies for the huge delay, I seem to have completely forgotten about this thread and justs tumbled across it...


@ Dieselicious


Yeah thats a fair point. Theres nothing worse than waiting for a sale then finding out you cant get your size. My Chi-Tights have since grown on me even more, definitely think they will stand the test of time.


@ Levislad


Ha! Hope you had a good summer too. Lookin Good in the WAYWT thread...


@ Ramirez


I have been going on and off really since I was about 17, so about 7 years. haha. Im not obsessed with it though, I have football fixtures on Saturdays and Sundays so I probably do a cardio session and two weights sessions on week nights after work. Its hard to stay motivated at times, sure you will get there though. Train Hard!

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Leftvapor, awesome style man!  i also have the 660s and i quite like them.  especially for summer b/c of the thin fabric.  i like the color on them too, more so than the 660q b/c the vertical lines are more obvious and i don't have a lot of light washes.  oh and, the fit on these thanaz are fantastic!  i'd say keep them since you didn't pay full price anyway.


Really digging those chi tights you got there.  had my eyes on them since they came out.  love the distress details on them.  i was at Vegas last week and picked up a pair of Chi tight corduroy pants (forgot the model number) from the diesel outlet.  they are greenish grey or greyish green (that's what my wife says..i'm color blind).  cool color with stains.  will post pics soon.

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