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Has anyone bought or tried Shioner 807F? Do they stretch much considering they are cotton-elastane blend, thus requiring sizing down?

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I didn't want  to start a new thread but does anyone know the difference between darron 86g and darron 8qu navy color. difference in color, sizing and material? which is better?

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^ anyone have opinions?

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Has anyone seen Thavar 807C and Thavar 808Z side by side? Is there any difference between them in the coloring? (apart from the 808Z's stripes obviously)

Is 808Z a 807C with vertical & horizontal stripes?

On the diesel online store the 807C appears to be a lighter blue/grey than the 808Z but I believe that is only because of different after effects applied to the photos.

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Got both jeans in 27x30
As you can see the 811p is longer. And color are quite different ; pale blue/ sand//grey/ large fading area vs green/ check pattern
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One of those is an 811p? I'm guessing its the one on the right? If so, it's A LOT dirtier than I have ever seen!
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I see now, the one on the left due to it being longer. Still though, dirtiest pair of 811p I have ever seen:)
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Im pretty sure pryv75 meant to write 807C icon_razz.gif those are thavar 807C and thavar 808Z
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Yes. 807c that's what i have written above.
Sorty for the dirty side, but i bought the jeans the same color and have worn them ten times roughly.
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Thanks, pryv75!

Just the info I was looking for :)

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U welcome
Please note that both jeans will stretch out, mostly the 807c. The othef wash is stiff.
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No apologies needed pryv75, I like em dirty:)

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is it thavar jogg jeans? choose black color of tee ;-) all details / wash seems to match to "preview" picture of thavar-ne (don't like the backpockets :-//// )



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looks like it...im 90% positive its thavar-ne :P but we should probably wait for more photos

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I too am not feeling those back pocketsicon_eek.gif

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