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Check few pages back, there is one similar to 8y0. Can't confirm the washes though.
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I thought it should be similar to 801b?
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@dieselicious Yeh saw em at the diesel store yesterday. Wasnt all that impressed. Looked like a dirty 801c reissue. But maybe was just me...
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new pictures of...





Thavar 810X




15€ discount with BRRRKOUD15 to 24. Januar 24Uhr

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ASOS has some new stuff. Nothing amazing. Except 811K is looking like its not MII according to the price tag. Still might pick it up in braddom. The wash looks class.
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Thanks Pukette and Weenie for the Info! I love the 811k

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Toranji: The 809v wash is really nice but I don't like Darron, not a slim cut so it looks weird on me as I'm slim. But for those who wear Darron it's THE wash of the collection for me.


Lavoisier: I tried on 807c and I thought it looked 10 times nicer hanging up with their lights to make it cool than worn. It was just a plain grey wash. That's why I got 810x, way nicer to be honest. I see some people are wondering it's true colour, well there you go:












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I guess they're different enough for me to get both. I really like grey jeans (some shades of grey, at least) and then I'll have an option for something more dressed up (810x) or more casual and simple (807C). Thanks for the reply Locky!

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Wow. Even with the discount on jeans online.com for the 810x it still comes to $365. Ridiculous shipping and VAT. At least on most non-us sites they wave the VAT fee. Definitely not spending that much for 810x
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You can get diors for that price
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hell yeah! love them


.......the wash in Thavar would be killer, but darron is also ok




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I'm with you weenie. They look fantastic.
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Thavar 810L is amazing, if pics aren't photoshopped. Also 811k in slim cuts would be nice icon_smile.gif
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yeah only Thavar 811P and i have my 3 must have, for this season

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I think 811K comes in braddom anyway but since its not MII it could be available in other cuts.
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Wow I must say many good washes here icon_eek.gif
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Tepphar 806q and 801q are nice.
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809v looks awesome like a really dark 8x2! Why doesn't Diesel USA site carry more sizes tho?
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I gonna go to find my size on Darron 809V this weekend.

wish me luck. lol

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Thavar 810L are nice and "cheap", easy to wear and look like my Safado 8u9. I mean there's nothing special with them but they're nice.

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like the 811k......... but does it come in thavar??


is braddom like thavar cut? or which are the differences?

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I'm disappointed with 809v in those pics from Diesel and Cultizm, they don't look as nice as the ones posted here before...


And it was the only wash so far that had caught my eye in the new collection... IMO 801n >>> any new wash.


Anyway, I hope I'll be seeing 809v in person next week.

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Disappointed in 809v also, the distressing was WAY more apparent on the samples that were being sold on ebay. Also dislike that shade of blue. Will be waiting for fit pics, though.

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