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Ok NOW I'm excited about this season!
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I'm a Thavar 8x2 fan and this Darron 809V looks just the same but darker, like Shioner 880W. I may have maid a mistake as I bought the 880W wash yesterday and maybe I should have waited for the Darron to come out, argh!!

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Ok... this one is awesome too. Will buy both blue eyecons... the question is if the 809V has the same stiff and thick denim than 803W had... i have to size up then.

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Any one there to give me an advice how Waykee will fit compare with Larkee?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think anyone here has tried waykee yet. You've asked a few times here. You should bite the bullet and order a pair. Then you can let us know!
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Yes what phukete said. You're obviously very interested. Buy from somewhere with free returns so you can have your question answered.
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The 809V looks great too! Does anyone know in which other cut it will be released? Darron doesn't fit me very good unfortunately...

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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

Kakee 883V





This pair is interesting... Anyone know how Kakee fits??
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^^upper block is a bit loose, like a chino, or dress pants with band tuck (hope that's the right translation). No need to size down, since waist fits like my Thavar in same size. Legs have a carrot fit. Very narrow to pull your feet through. I like the model very much! It's skinny, but with a twist on the upper block. I'm happy they have at least 2 nice washes this season.
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If I'm not mistaken, kakee is not available in US. icon_sad.gif
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Kakee is a "skinny Krooley"

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Chino looking jeans would be more appropriate. Just saying..
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guys, just noticed someone uploaded here my pics from ebay ;) just to make it clear - these kakee 883V are NOT from S/S 2013, I think it's F/W 11/12. I agree that they fit very similar to tepphar, also fabric on these in thin, soft and stretchy like on most tepphars I know.

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You are the seller?!
I want a darron 809V in W32 L34 postmail me icon_wink.gif
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sorry but all from S/S2013 I have are samples, so all in 32/32 or just 32 if inseam is not specified. I have total of 40 pairs from new season but no time to take all pics, will do it in next few days.

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then we have no deal :-( , but you should order more different size... the waist is right ;-)

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Hi justmike, do you know what the 3rd blue eyecon is?

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@Weenie - it doesn't depend on me, they are making samples in this size only

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sick pair!  i don't own any Darron, but i'm buying this pair as soon as i can get my hands on them.

Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

another blue eyecon


it look like a dark 8X2, very nice


Darron 809V









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Any new light washes? anyone know?

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yes.. the new safado..

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I thought the model pic of Krooley 807T looked nice:



So, I dug around the internet and found the only (apparently) other promo pic of it so far:


It was on the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EU-Clothing/251495584926245

You guys can probably find more new preview pics over there, but it's all in japanese.

Anyways, these look good (to me at least), I might pick them up along with Darron 809V, as they seem to be shades of blue apart and the wash isn't the same. Plus, these are jogg jeans so I might actually wear them everyday for college (ever since I started dating I can't seem to be arsed to put on pants on a daily basis - true story)

Does anybody know how Krooley fits? Seems kind of like Darron

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I don't like jogg jeans, they look weird IMO.

Krooley has a slim leg opening but a baggier crotch. It's kind of a more relaxed pair of jeans.

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The problem with them is you can't pick the inseam size, and I'm a slim 6'2" who likes his jeans slim fitting and long so they stack at the ankles, so I probably won't know what size to get.

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