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Diesel Spring/Summer 2013 - Page 10

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Yup, those three cuts seem to be it for 75L. I just checked on pages 4 and 5 of the list at this link, posted by Phukette recently.



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ok thanks. i'll snag them in larkee once i can find a good price on them!  does anyone know how they fit? thick cotton? thin? does the cotton stretch a lot?

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According to the wash and cut list it's just those 3. You should try Darron freeradical, I'd say that cut would look great on you.
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oh trust me ive tried. i look really weird in it. makes my ass look weird. kinda why i cant do safado either.

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I am just discovering the new denimblog for iphone ! Whaou ! Great !
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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

ok thanks. i'll snag them in larkee once i can find a good price on them!  does anyone know how they fit? thick cotton? thin? does the cotton stretch a lot?

I wear 30x30 in Zatiny and my New fanker 30x30 fits the same. Thick cotton and it haven't stretched alot for me so far (4 wear.)

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The new layout will take some getting used to but I'm delighted to announce that you can now upload photos directly from your phone!
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yeeeees thats good news

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GREAT news. hopefully from ipads too

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Anything with iOS6 or equivalent. It's gonna make posting so much easier.
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How do I access the new denimblog for iphone? I have just gone in to it in Safari and it looks the same.

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Ignore that....I now have the new style!

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Under Android this New forum-skin runs good icon_smile.gif
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look what a friend of mine has bought today , fucking amazing in real :D









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Is this the thavar that's worthing 360 euros online ??
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much much better in those pics, but still not something i'd wear.

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Fucking ugly :D 

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yeah I knew it would polarize ;))

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What gets me is the massive contrast between the washed and unwashed (pockets and seams).


I know all their washes are like this, but it looks particularly silly here... like the jeans got sprayed with slime.

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Krooley 810V
Krooley 811P
Narrot 811M
Thavar 810X
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Krooley 811p and Thavar 810x are nice
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i want definitely Krooley 811P and Thavar 810X





811P looks like a mix of 8NJ and 801C




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Krooley 811P is like 880W (but 880W is nicer) and 810X is nice but its kinda like 807C and 807C is a really nice pair. I'm sure there'll be a few things I'll get but at the moment there's nothing. I'd like a nice light wash like 888P or 8880M. They're bound to release one.
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I came across with a picture of light color diesel jeans with big tears like shioner 8pn, its  even has the same color, at the begining I though it was 8pn but when I looked on the upper part it had darron's details and the new "For successful living" logo...

A friend of mine sent them to me...

Its the light exposure tag, but with the new logo! Same 8pn details, could it be darron 8pn :X?

8pn was my favoirte light color jeans, those tears was really a dealbreaker, I can belive they did it again...

Any idea if thats even ss13?








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