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really like 75l and 806p!

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Suprised that 806p is so "cheap".
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806P looks like just another 8AT clone. Not impressed. That Thavar which has no wash code, I don't think that's 807C. Could be 808Z. 807C looks a lot lighter.
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i kinda like the 888N wash...not sure about narrot though

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i saw the 888n in shioner :)

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saw 75L this morning in larkee. def getting these!



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just have ordered the thavar 808Z (listed without wash code on ebay store) in size 27x30.they do not have much because the sizing is no longer available. probably will they list again in that size later but i did not want to take any risk... will post pics soon.


i have received the grey tepphar 807D stretch made in italy as well, i love grey or brown denim a lot, it's a very nice wash light distressing with dirty areas in the thigh. will post pics tonite when i am back from my clinic. bought at Cultizm. fast shipping as usual and often cheaper than the official diesel store ! sometimes they have washes not available at the diesel store, for instance the thanaz 660S. wish they could list more washes !

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Can you please post some pics with the tepphars?

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yes when i am back home will create a thread for that

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Darron 75L






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They look like a cross between 886A and 882B. They could do with some stacking though.
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i do not own 886A, but when receive i can take pictures 75L compare 882b... but i think 75L is much darker

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Maybe more a cross of 886A and 882T :)

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so far, there is not an interesting wash this season

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so far :-)


but the good one is....... i save money :-)

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Only 807C and 806Z has caught my eye so far.
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Thavar 807C, Braddom or Darron 806Z, Darron 75L and Iakop 807Q are only on my list

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a black with sequins on the side ... very beautiful ... 360 euros
dont remenber the wash

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I am looking forward.....



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stiff solid denim 
Darron 75L








my new favorite


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They look awesome mate!

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