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Which brand ?

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Hi there,


Can you help me ? I'd like to know the brand of the jeans for the girl with the pink top.It looks like old Levi's 501,but I'm not too sure about that confused.gif


Thank you

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From the pocket stitching I can see in the first picture, it seems to resemble Paige Premium Denim (the "U pocket")...with Levi's I think I would be able to see the "point" in the pocket stitching from that angle. Then again, the wash on the jeans doesn't look like anything I've seen on Paige, and honestly, I'm not sure the wash looks very "premium denim" to me. They could be from Urban Outfitters or another nice-ish retailer like that (I know I've seen jeans there with stitching that looks like the U pocket from Paige, but they're not Paige). Sorry I can't be of any more help!

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Thanks for your help anyway icon_wink.gif

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