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is this order right!?

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the same size

fit from tight to loose

Shioner < Thanaz < Thavar < Darron < Safado = Zatiny < Viker

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Personally  Thanaz ≤ Thavar < Shioner < Krooley ≤ Braddom

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Depends. Baisicly shioner-thavar-thanaz are all the same. Thanaz leg opening is a little bit bigger than thavar and shioner. The leg is almost the same.(the knee area of thanaz and shioner is a bit tigher than the thavar, but thats just me)

Darron leg is slimmer than safado, since its slim and not slim-straight, but safado thight area is tigher.

From leg talking you'r right.

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yeah, the knee area, thavar more comfy than thanaz and shioner, for me.

whats the diff btw thanaz and shioner, 1 guess pretty much the same!

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Shioner is much more proportionate in the waist.
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