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THAVAR 802K pics

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pics of the new thavar 802K waist size is 27


denim is very thin and stripes can be noticed when you look at the cloth carefully , at the bottom end for instance, or in the inside, see pics.


lenght corresponds to a L30 approximatively, the inseam measurement is 80 centimeters. i do not undertand why the inseam is not specified and cannot be choose at the difference of other washes ?











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They freakin awesome on you man. Great fit and lovely wash.
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absolutely awesome man.

Looking even better than website pics

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Nice jeans
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Hey, are they lighter than 886B?
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hi they are much lighter and thinner than the 886B even if it's the AW collection ! as thin as the stripped 8880L for instance, fit and lightness are the same indeed.

concerning distressing and color they are similar to the 886B though.

my question : why inseam cannot be choosen for those jeans ?

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After three times worn i confirm true to size
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They do look kinda tight on your upper legs.. don't you feel the same?
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they are tight on your upper leg,i wish diesel did a jean that is the thavar up top and the tepphar at your ankle

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I think they look great on the upper leg. They are slim on the thigh but your legs have an excellent shape and I know from my GF and her friends that good definition on the thigh is "very sexy". And they have a nice kick from the knee down so the look is masculine. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like the fit. icon_wink.gif
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yes Phukette once again your analysis is very accurate ; they are tight in the legs but there's room enough, the denim has stretched a little since i have worn them. if it was a Tepphar they would be very tight in the legs like legging that's why i do not like this cut :)

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Is this more of a light grey or light blue?
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definitively a light grey / brown wash

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I actually saw these in person at Bloomingdales and they are a nice wash.

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Have to check it out in person then. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by ZuerstBMW View Post

I actually saw these in person at Bloomingdales and they are a nice wash.

agreed. they are fashion pants so they dont have inseam either. seems like these are more brownish then braddom version, which is more grey.

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Actually just to put things like they really are those jeans are a blend of the former 886b for color and distressing and 8880M for the stripe pattern and lightness.
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Therefore if they are a blend of two washes with inseam that's does not explain why there is no inseam specified : as the inseam is always the same for a given waist ( corresponding to a 31' for my pair) people with long legs cannot buy a pair since there's no 32 or 34 !
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I heard from another person in this blog that thavar802k comes in 2 washes..?

A lighter grey wash and a black/dark grey wash.

Can anyone confirm this information??



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Yes, iron grey is the lighter one and olive grey is the dark one.
You can find it on ssense.
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Does thavar 802k stretch a lot??

Thavar 888P stretched A LOT for me... not sure if I should get the same size as my 888P

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How many colors did 802K came in ??

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Hello world
I have the same 802k and after washing they totally changed color .
another question if there is something same soft tissue diesel in market like 802k?
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