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What wash is this?

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I can't seem to find where the wash is listed on yoox.com.  Anyone know what this wash is?




Or does anyone know a safado wash similar to 73n?


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73n seems like a really good and special wash in the pictures, but irl it's anything but special.
I have darron 73n and the material is very thick, stiff and unpleasant. (don't confuse with the good thick washes like 888p or 887k, they feel really different) believe me, you don't miss anything.

You can check safado 888r, it's now on sale, about 160$. On the web. The original price was really overpriced.
Check out safado 885r to.
Heres safado 74w, I have it on larkee it really such a cool wash, the material is very soft and tender.
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Interesting you say the 74w larkees are soft because I have a pair and they aren't as soft as my 8J4's.  I hope they're not fakes!  I posted about them here: 




I really like the look of the 73n and I was just about to buy some vikers but now I'm on the fence :(


The safado 888r's look pretty nice but I liked the look of the 73n's better.  I need to try some more safados on first as I'm still not sure if its a good cut for me.  I like the seven for mankind standard and i think its similar but i'm worried it'll be too tight in the thighs on some cuts like the 885r.



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What size are you on larkee?
The 74w is thick but soft, at least more than the 73n. The 73n is very stiff.
What really disappointed me about the 73n was the fact it looked really cool on pictures, but irl it looks a lot like 74W.


Both was pictured with same camera and light.

Heres the navy safado 801d, looks really nice.
kinda pricey if you'r looking for something cheap!

If you'r looking for a special wash I suggest you check out viker r box 887k- really special wash I have on thanaz.
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Ya those look pretty dark :(


I like the looks here:  http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/64112/what-diesel-are-you-wearing-today/20600#post_1760564


Here are the ones I plan on buying:  http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s288/mischief20x/set5/IMG_2568.jpg

In my pics the it looks like more of a "royal blue" color in the wash.  The lighting is helping.  I think I'm going to gamble and go for it as i've been OCDing for about a week now ;)  Wait, I better try on some more safados first!



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My 74w larkees are 32 x 32.  I think they're legit as the label with the silver micro stitching looks the same as the larkees i bought from the diesel outlet store.

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I have this effect on the higher parts of the thights. I remember when trying the larkee in store some had it more highlighted than the others.

Your looks good, but you should check out the viker r box 887k, really great jeans with special color and 3d effect.

Look for the pictures posted in the forum over google pictures.(type viker r box 887k) The color of the jeans on sunlight is supreme.

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