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Newbie Diesel Jeans

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Hello can anyone tell me what the difference is between


1. Tepphar Vs Krooley Vs Bramdon


2. Thavar Vs Shioner.


I went to a store and they told me they are all the same, but the name is to distinguish the different colors....


Wanted to verify, as I tried them on and I think the Tepphar are a bit more tight than the Krooley.



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store people was right in a way, but they are slightly different. Tepphar is skinny carrot, krooley is just slim-straight-ish carrot, and braddom is slim straight tapered. Krooley probably has highest rise out of those three.


thavar is slim skinny, and shioner is slim skinny also, except it is lot tighter.


I am sure someone else could answer this besides me.

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difference between tepphar and krooley is clear. just i want to add the different waist / back / backpockets construction between thavar and shioner...



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Thanks for the replies.


I went and tried on the Braddon, Krooley, Darron, Iakop, thavar.  Wondering if anyone could comment on the fits from my first impressions;



Braddon seems not bad fit is regular -ok fit for me.

Krooley, is a fun fit I guess,  - Is the thigh area supposed to be snug?? or should there be some room there?? I had some room.

Darron fits is good, but the back makes it looks like women jeans a bit with the small pockets .. not sure if anyone else thinks so

Iakop - Fits similar to Darron but more loose

Thavar is slimmer than Darron kinda similar but again kinda makes me look like I stole my sister's jeans.


What do you suggest,  I guess I should have took some pics but I didn't lol.


2.  Are al the tappered jeans supposed to be longer with the rolling effect at the bottom


3.  I tried on size 28 smallest they had there and still had some room in the waist area (esp the krooley) , should I try a 27 or 26, but those I would have to order online as none of the big chain stores carrys them.


Thanks again

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Hi, my two cents' worth:


2. I'm not sure if Diesel makes their 3D-treated jeans longer than their tagged length (e.g. L30, L32 etc) to compensate for the scrunched-up effect, but the 3D stacking (rolling) effect at the bottom definitely looks better with a longer jean length. 3D is a treatment process where folds are baked in the bottom of the jeans, the lap area and the back of the knees.


3. Yes, definitely try W27 if you can. I dare say a size 28 waist will stretch and become even looser. Hope this helps.

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for krooley and braddom I buy one size down for slimmer effect and it fits me fine. otherwise big baggyness of krooley is how it is suppose to fit.

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Thanks for the reply.  I tried jeans on and took some pics, hmm can't post any pics anyone can help with this?

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Post them on "What Diesel are you wearing today" thread.
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It says I don't have permission to create attachments.  I'm still new maybe need to wait a while.

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You should be able to now. Let me know if you still cannot.

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