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ProbusNYC Order Problem

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Probusnyc still hasn't shipped my order I gave 9 days back containing Safado 801D Red. They haven't been responding to my mails, their Live Chat never works! How has been your experience with them? Have you run into any problem with them ever?

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I did not order anything from them, but I talked to them about the size and delivery. And they always say, and do it quickly. Maybe you should just wait.

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I had a problem with them months ago.  Ordered something, changed my mind, they said they cancelled the order (and I got confirmation of such), but I didn't receiver a refund after they said they gave me one.  Had to bring it up a few days later before they actually gave me my money back.  They were very apologetic for the mistake.

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I see.. finally I got a mail from them saying my order was cancelled because it failed security check! I'm like wtf they don't even put efforts in getting me those jeans.

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