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Diesel is against me.

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I love Diesel Jeans but they haven't made any new washes for the Zatiny cut since October 2011. Are there any brands or styles out there that have the same lowrise and fit as these do? I've been exclusively wearing Diesel for about 4 years now. I found what fit and looked great and stopped looking so I am not current on other brands. Any help at all would be great. I wear a 28x30. I don't know if that matters or not. Thanks.

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Did you check the online store? I definitely saw atleast 2 washes for Zatiny in the FW '12 collection.

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Diesel did not stop doing Zatiny! I hope you're happy!!!!!

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Diesel has made lots of new zatiny. But you should also check out new fanker, that cut is getting some bad ass washes this season.
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Phukette is right! New Fanker does have some bad ass washes, I'm waiting for the New Fanker 801A to come out in the USA Diesel website.  I've been wearing Zatiny myself but I personally like the New Fanker better than the Zatiny. It's also a bootcut but it doesn't have the flare look.  I'm planning to sell most of of Zatinys because the bootcut is too much for me after wearing the New Fanker. You should check it out, I think the Zatiny is done just like the Zathan.

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New Fanker are  the coolest diesel cut in years IMO-what washes in these do you recomend?


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801B for sure. I'm still waiting for the 801A to come on the Diesel USA website.

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Thanks brah, post details of the different new Fanker washes if you get the time!

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Thanks guys, I tried out some Vikers and Safados. They look great with a dress boot but goofy in my opinion with a sneaker. I will take everyone's advice and try for the New Fanker. A couple of quick questions, does the thigh and short rise still fit the same as the Zatiny?

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I do most of my Jean shopping online. I own Zathan and Zatiny. I'm looking to purchase online a pair of New Fankers. Before I do would you mind how they compare/fit vs. The Zatiny? I'm hoping they're like the Zatiny busy just slimmer all the way around? I went to Zatiny because of the slimmer leg opening than Zathan.

Thanks in advance
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zatiny and new fanker are comparable IMO

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