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Men's brands with super-thick denim and a zip fly

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Hey guys!


I'm looking for some potential jean suggestions for my dad, who's recently lost a ton of weight and pretty much needs a new wardrobe. He's now around a size 36. The thing is, he absolutely refuses to wear anything with a button fly, but since he's also really hard on his jeans, he needs the super-thick denim that I've, so far, only seen in Diesels, which almost always have a button fly (and, let's face it, no one wants to see a somewhat vertically challenged size 36 retiree in Thanaz). The only other brand that approaches Diesel in denim quality seems to be TR, which I think he'd be okay with, but those tend to remain kinda pricey even when looking for Dad's short inseam, and the rises are all a bit short for someone of his age. The only other brands I'm familiar with (from resale/buying for my BF) all have much softer denim and/or button flies, so I have no idea where to start. My mom is back home in a large suburban area and could go shopping for him, but she doesn't know any of these brands and I'm out in the sticks, so I'm pretty much stuck with Ebay...



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just try other cuts diesel.

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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

just try other cuts diesel.


Do you know what other cuts come with a zipper fly? I was told awhile ago that the only Diesel cuts with zipper flies were Thanaz and some old Fankers. If there are other cuts available (that could be worn by a guy who's not rail-thin) I'd love to know about them. Thanks!

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I know that Krooley has a zip fly.

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ooh, didn't know that...it looks like Krooley is a carrot/tapered leg though? I don't know about a bigger guy trying to pull off a style like that...

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I think it perfect. Crowley cut not for teenagers)). Feet in them are doing well. Just you have to choose a Classic wash. Here are some pictures:

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Thanks for the pics! Well, my dad is 57, so do you think he could pull these off? He still has a bit of a belly (not nearly as big as it was). Maybe the smaller leg would be good for him because otherwise, he puts a lot of wear on the hems (because he kinda sags the waist)

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How does he feel about Carhartt jeans made for guys in the trades. They are designed to take a beating. I think they're to stuff but then again I'm not your typical 53 year old guy. So get him a pair see how it goes if he doesn't like them they resale well. Ps they have lots of styles just google them up tell him congrats on his weight losses it's going to add years to his life. Now suggest to him this too. The Coconut diet . It's not to loose weight but to promote health benefits simple and life changing very easy to follow .
Also still trying to get my issue with my True 's solved. I need some serious help trying to have some negative feedback removed from my Ebay acct.
do you have time go help me. Suggestions would be appreciated Angel Espy..
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Ps I meant to type the (Coconut Oil Diet) it's not so much about loosing weight than its about regaining good health .
The other not so easy but necessary suggestion is a series of colon cleanses. Now that's a present that will give your dad something he can really use . I know you love your dad a lot : ie trying to find him a good jean. Your a sweet daughter. Find out who does those in his area and pay for them as a present . The before mentioned belly will be reduced at the same time. Lots of people carry extra weight in their intestinal tract in the form of compacted residue , this is (nasty). But that's what the nutrition has to pass through to enter our blood streams.
Not only will you be helping him reduce his belly ie wear sexy jeans yeah I said it sexy jeans on your Dad !!! But you'll be giving him a tool that will get him more clean nutrition . Ps if your parents are still married your Mom will thank you too. LOL just saying.
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