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Iakop 888s?

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I was looking for light wash  jeans like thavar 8880m. I really like the wash, but I was looking for Safado or at like least darron. I sized up for for a straight look. and it was perfect, but the waist was very loose even with belt, so I had to return it.

I found Iakop 888s , it appears only on French , NL and CH sites. I cant find any info or fit pics of the jeans. I only know the jeans is

55\45 cotton and lyocell. (even more percentage of lyocell than 8880m!)



Hows Iakop fit compared to darron? They both slim-tapered. I have one darron(73n) it and it fit me very thigh, size 31 fitted me much better, and I regret I didnt exchange the jeans for size 31.

Anyone is familiar with this wash? Should I take 31 or 30? Does lyocell get stretch like elastene?

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Well iakop is very similar to Darron. With the lyocell blend it would be best to take the smaller size for a better fit. For some reason lyocell washes alway run a little big.
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Ok thanks,
Your safado 888r runs bigger to?
Can you think on any similar wash like this on safado?
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Safado 880I is an amazing wash.
And yes 888R runs a little bigger.
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