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For Sale:
The Memorigin’s tourbillon cufflink

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The co-axial tourbillon is the main concept of designing MEMORIGIN cufflink. With transparent glasses surrounding and the mother of pearl background, the beauty and charisma of tourbillon are clearly shown by the cufflink in different angles.


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Cufflinks - Mother of Pearl (pair)

The Memorigin’s tourbillon cufflink is ready to be launched!

The co-axial flying tourbillons of MEMORIGIN are used in all cufflinks. Co-axial tourbillon is coined by the legendary tourbillion architect, Abraham-Louis Breguet who has single handedly design and materialize the first tourbillion that can counter balance the effect of gravity using a centered movement surrounded by the balance wheel and an escapement system. The idea behind the centered movement concept is instinctive: center is a well-balanced position with a symmetrical geometry. The co-axial tourbillon can truly demonstrate the historic background of tourbillon.

Normally, tourbillon cage is blocked by the watch dial in certain angles that the 3D effect of the whole flying tourbillon cannot be viewed clearly. However, we successfully provide the 3-dimensional vision on our new cufflinks. The transparent glasses allow us to look though the co-axial tourbillon in all rounded angles. So, the entire hidden skeleton and the components of tourbillon that we cannot detect in the watch can be viewed clearly at any angles you like in these cufflinks. We use deep color of real mother of pearl as background decoration. By the mother of pearl effect, the tourbillon is like shining under a 3D colorful universe.

While you move, the dynamic tourbillon inside the cufflink also moves accordingly. All in all, when every man sees these cufflinks, he is certainly impressed by the exquisite design.

Here attached the statistics of our cufflinks:

  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Handle’s length: 11mm
  • Handle's length with extension: 19 mm