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Cleaning designer jeans

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I'm new, and I know this topic must've been posted a million times, but I have a pair of Diesel 885R Safados, PRPS Freestons, and 7 For All Mankind Standards... I know everyone advocates either not washing/freezing/febreeze/etc but honestly, I have really bad allergies and I actually just picked them up from my friend's house, and my friend has 2 cats! (I'm super-allergic to cats, unfortunately). Hence, they've been making me sneeze like crazy so I couldn't do anything more but toss them in the washing machine and use the lightest "hand wash" option to rinse them (I also added some All Free/Clear detergent) to help get rid of the cat dander. 


So... how much do you think this will damage my jeans? Again, I used the mildest detergent and used the lightest possible setting for the washer. Also, for the future, it's honestly near-impossible avoiding my friend's house (we work together, and it's essential) and also my jeans will be collecting all sorts of allergens I'm allergic to anyway, so I'll probably need to wash my jeans at least once every week, maybe 2 weeks at the very minimum. 


Do you think this will really alter my denim over time? Also, if I'm only concerned about smell, will spraying something like this: Reducer-27-Ounce/dp/B001D1YJJ8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1344574628&sr=8-1&keywords=febreeze+allergy damage the shape of my jeans? Has anyone had experience using Febreze on expensive denim? 


Thanks for reading; sorry for the lost post!

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When they're new just wash or soak them on a cool wash to soften them..

Then just wear them until they really need washing, so they mould to your body shape.

The thicker the denim, the longer they'll take to break in but they'll become your new best friends!icon_wink.gif
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Is it possible to use a lint roller to remove the cat hair? (I assume that's what is causing a reaction) Also you could try airing them out outside.

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You can buy special brushes to remove the cat fur - I have 2 Siamese and my new jeans are Dark Indigo jeans - specialist dry cleaners sells them and they're great!icon_razz.gif
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