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My safado 880i looks diffrent from other 880i

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I got them couple of weeks ago and couldnt check them since were having a renovation here. I tried the jeans, they fitted really well, so I returned them to the closet and left them alone. Now when I tried it again it looked really diffrent from other member posted pictures(Phukette, Jeantic etc etc).

I got it from french store, they have ebay user FB:967 with 3 negative fds, fake was never mentioned.

I looked for more photos, and the jeans I have looks almost the same as the trusted ebay seller diesel_jeans_1978  have on his sale (the ass area is a little bit different). 


The belt collar area have these unbleached dark blue spots, the buttons area looks very dark comppared to other photos members have posted and the thights looks bleached and uneven. The behind area have those  Could it be like thavar 888p?(one wash with to many looks)

Bottom line, it looks really bleachy comppated to other 880i

heres so photos of my own jeans:






















Heres the made in Italy one:


It has the 3d patch on the buttons and it says 100% fake leather while mine says 100% real cow leather. Here the applicant is dark brown and on other 880i its black( like diesel jeans 1978 , mine and other pictures)

What your label says?

Im not sure if Im cool with jeans, still havent made up my mind. Its not that bad but I cant return it anyway(7 days).




What do you think? Is it fake?

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They look just like mine!


I got mine from New York Speed.

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Whats your application says? Mine is 100% cow leather, on New York Speed info they say its 100% fake leather :/(Mine looks fake! Like the applications on Larkees!)

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real ofcourse.
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Look fine to me.
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Mine don't have an "Application" label in them at all. Although it says Application 100% Fake leather on the main label.


The wash of yours looks exactly like mine so I wouldn't worry. They look real to me.

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they are real and most diesel washes DO look dif pair to pair. i like that about diesel!

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I guess the are real. Ssense is the only site which saying 100% real cow leather.
The jeans is cool, but I prefer the less bleachy one. Oh well...
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Did someone mention that Safado 880i were the best non-MII wash ever? Mine are made in Italy!
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I'm pretty sure they're real. I already posted this one but once more just you can compare it




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