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Superbia-NT vs. Thavar 801c

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Here's a comparison and my opinion between two blue jeans: Superbia-NT (DBG) and Thavar 801c.


Both are size 29 (Thavar length 30, Superbia standard size) and they seem to fit almost the same when it comes to waist, length and thightness.

When it comes to colour, the Superbia is more brighter blue. Both have black stripes/ swipes (however you like to call it). The Superbia has more black stripes on the front and back and they are done in a pattern. Those on the thavar seem a bit more random and they are more faded.

The quality of the Superbia is slight thinner; the thavar edges towards a 888p in thikness and the superbia towards a 886b.


My opinion: Thavar 801c > Superbia-NT. That's mainly because of the wash. The black stripes/ swipes on the Superbia are just to much imo. They seem unnatural, just to much imo, same goes for the color; it's more like an 'unnatural jeans blue' color. The thavar blue is the way I like it. Slightly washed, but nice blue. And the black stripes are done gentle. You can almost wash them off if you prefer, wich I've done, since wearing a 'dirty' jeans at work (office) doens't feel right.


They both fit very nice and I can't say wich one feels better. At the end, I decided to return the Superbia, wich are on their way back to Italy now..


Here are some pics, so you can decide for yourself:



















Thavar 801c:










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Good choice. I would've done the same for the exact same reasons.
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Thavar fit much better. I do not like supperbia. I think thavar more masculine cut. Tomorrow is my thavar 801с will be with me.

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thavar fits you much better.


What kind of brand is the watch and the the print shirt? :)


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Thanks for the reply guys!

@enemy: the t-shirt is from Death by Zero (model Sea of dreams) and the watch is from Tommy Hilfiger.
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Good decision.

I don't like the DBG Superbia at all. The blue looks really cheap.

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Superbia is the dream cut for me, like thavar only much slimmer at the hem. But this wash is too "made" or unnatural, like you said it's in a pattern (like 804k a bit). I like the 804c more because the dirtyness is more natural.

And wow, can you wash off the black stuff from the thavar icon_surprised.gif that's sucks. what is diesel thinkin...............
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Ramirez, 801c is really perfect on you! 10 of 10 !!!
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Is superbia a carrot cut?
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you can call it that. it has 16cm leg opening. the upper is like thavar
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I was just thinking about this pair yesterday too!!! Thanks.. I guess I will hold off.... But the fit is really something.
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^^ The fit is indeed great. Your fit pics look gooood! But still the color bothers me....

@ Grag: that is one hell of a compliment, thank you good sir! icon_biggrin.gif
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Hi, this is a bit off-topic but what is difference between DBG Superbia, Superbia-NT and Superbia-FR? Is there any difference in cut or are they just different colours? It might be just because of the picture but it seems that fly in Superbia-FR is skewed a bit to the left where as in Superbia-NT it seems to be straight. Can some one confirm?

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^^ Hey Pekka.


The -fr and -nt are indeed different colours, but they both have almost the same fit overall. I'll try to describe them 167.gif :


The -fr is black and feels stretchy (although it's 100% cotton) and is softer. It isn't 'thin' tho. It's slightly more skinny as the -nt. The skewed fly is more like a nice detail. Since the denim is soft, a slim fit and a deep black colour, this is a perfect pair of black jeans imo. I just don't get it why it's SS collection, should be more FW collection.


The -nt feels more like rough denim. And has a slightly loser fit compared to the -fr.


Dispite the -fr being slightly slimmer as the -nt, your regular thavar/ thanaz waist size will do for both.

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