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I got them on the diesel online store on the day they were released.
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I will use diffrent credit card and try to get them from ssense.
You got Safado 885r (3d) in 32x32. How that compares sizewise to SHIONER 801A.
Are they similar in length?
Thanks for all your help.
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Same length but the 885R are as tight in the waist and thighs so I sized up to 33x32 in the shioner.
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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Can't wait to see them. Usually they open up the center where the 2 parts are stitched together and stitch them back closer to each other.

I got the jeans today. Im going to do it with every skinny cut diesel has. Even though the wash is supreme I felt a little bit disappointed of the jeans. It looked extremely saggy from behind.









When my ill get my paycheck ill buy the 801a and do the same

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They look super! They dont look altered at all!!

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Looking really good ! I actually have done it to 1 of my jeans and you don't see it at all!
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I'm so glad i did it. The jeans finally fit me perfect.
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Just got shioner 801a from ssense in 33 x32. They fit me pretty tight. I think
tighter than Phukette judging from his pics. Do you guys think they will streach a little bit.
They fit me fine but I wish I had a little more room.
The color itself is gray. I don't know how come in some of the pics posted on
this forum they look dark blue, I put them under different lighting and they still looked gray.

Also, I think I will iron them, don't like the fact they look all wrinkled.
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They will stretch a bit. But don't iron them! The 3D effects are the best thing about them!!
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What's exactly is 3d effect? I thought it has something to do with the wash itself.
So if I wash the jeans and iron them a little bit they will loose 3d effect?
I also have Safado which are 3d but to be honest I don't know what's so
3d about them.
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The wrinkle effect on the hems, knees and pocket area is created by coating the jeans in resin then moulding them before baking. It's diesels current signature style on their jeans. I'm a massive fan. It gives structure, especially to slim jeans.
At the end of the day though, they are your jeans and you can treat them how you like.
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Pics of SHIONER 0801A after I stretch them a little bit (33x32)







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Looks cool on you. Really your cut!
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