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Shioner 74y or Thavar 8x2

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I don't know which one to choose, i need your advice.


This is my collection.


Darron 880R

Darron 880F


Thanaz 887K

Thanaz 73N


Thavar 8NE



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8x2. it's a better wash over all, plus you already have a lot of dark washes.  IMO 74y is too close to 8ne to warrant getting it anyway too...

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8x2 all they way

Score 3-3!!

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8x2 for sure

74y disappointed me to be honest.

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Originally Posted by Quettingen View Post

8x2 for sure

74y disappointed me to be honest.


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Because they didn't look like on this picture and I hate those orange stitching on the knee area.


Originally Posted by Soulsavers View Post


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My preference is 74y !!!

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8x2 definitely!

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8x2 got and love

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8x2 looks much more special

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IMO, 8X2 for sure :), it's definitely a great wash.

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