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First Thavar ever (compared to nudie??)

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Hey Guys, I just bought my first pair of diesels...it was a real impulse buy as I didn't get any advice on how they would fit just minor research. Getting to the point I was wondering how these:




fit compared to the Slim Jim (raw black) and Grim Tim (broken black) I am a true 28 and wear that in both of my nudies, 5'7 and 130lbs. My legs are definitely not skinny and I was hoping for more of a slim fit rather than skinny.


My questions is did I mess up horribly by buying them? or will they fit fine? also will I be able to shrink them in the wash if they end up being too big?


Thanks guys all help is appreciated!

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They may stretch a bit.


I am also 5'7 and am about 158lbs. I have soccer thighs and calves, so my thavar always get stuck to my calves when I walk up stairs, it's irritating.


If your calves aren't that big, you're fine. They look good otherwise and are a very flattering cut.


Enjoy - and welcome to Diesel :)

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Great! Everywhere I read it said to size down, but they didn't have anything smaller than 28 so I went with that because the wash looks amazing (at least on the asos site)


p.s. how much do they taper? I usually wear boots and like to tuck in jeans so the more they taper the better.

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Hi, there, I also wear grim tim broken black and six other pairs of nudies all in waist 28. I weigh 120-122 pounds about 5.8 height. Any thavar in waist 28 is usually a bit loose on the legs and very loose on waist. I could prob easily fit into a 26 as diesel seems to run TWO Sizes big.


Also you can shrink them in the wash but they stretch back out and if you wash them alot you might looose  the 3d detailing and stacking in the bottom.


Since your going for a slim and not skinny look i think your going to be fine with 28.

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