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Can anyone please ID these jeans?

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Saw these jeans worn by Kiefer Sutherland in his show Touch. Love the way they look and fit so if anyone can help out, that'd be much appreciated. The first pair is a light wash and there's a pretty good picture of the back pocket and it's stitching below:



The second pair is black and are a very slim fit throughout the thigh. Unfortunately, the only thing I have to go on are the two rivets on the belt loop:



If anyone can help, please let me know!
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Better pics of the lighter pair:




Any guesses?
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Thanks for the response! Do you mean the black or light pair? The black jeans you sent a link of don't have the two rivets along the top of the belt loop. I thought the lighter pair my be ES, but from that very first picture I posted of them, the back pocket does not show an angled line across the top of the pocket.
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Oops sorry, the black pair looks like Earnest Sewn. This looks like their logo here: http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd247/bauer92/9422fb41-1.jpg

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Wow you're right!! I thought those were rivets but I clearly see the "E" now. Thanks so much! Unfortunately I think the style he wore might have sold out since they are a few months old. Any chance you can work your magic on helping me with that lighter pair?
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I have no idea, I can't really see any IDs

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Bump, can anyone help? They appear to have an orange marking in the lower back pocket which may point to a brand:



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Pretty hard to say without seeing the back pockets, but the wash looks like 7FAM to me, on the blue pair. But that is just an educated guess. I'm pretty sure they are not True Religion, William Rast, R&R and Diesel. They don't look like Joe's either. 

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The jeans have no stitching on the back pockets, which is why it's difficult. The only detail they have is a small orange shape on the bottom of the right back pocket as seen in the picture above. I'm assuming that marks the brand. But aside from that and the distressing on the back, no other detail:

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If the actor has a twitter, just write to him and ask.)))) It is very difficult to identify these jeans

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Not 7FAM, it's almost imposable to tell what they are, I can't really see what the orange thing on his back pocket are. 

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Bump, can anyone help out please??

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