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DBG Excess 8BT *Fit Pics*

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Wow, these are kind of great... and comfy too!









And the handkerchief is staying put :)


Thanks Cultizm!!

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They look great.  I see you got your new All Saints shirt on as well, very nice. 

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Super nice
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This is your cut...very nice.

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They look so great! I tried them at DBG store, but they were soooo dirty. The spots were all over the place. But looking at these pics want me to buy them again. I'm gonna check if they have one less dirtier pair.

Btw for this is pair you have to buy your REAL size. So add 1 or maybe 2 on your thanaz size.
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So glad I got these! Such a great pair!

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Great fit. And love the shirt. You should wear more fitted tips more often. You look very stylish and cool.
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Love yours aahz. It's much cleaner than mine.
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Thanks for the comments.


Thanks Phukette for bringing attention to Allsaints. They make fitted easy to wear -- just perfect.

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I just bought a pair of Excess too... But your wash is wayyyyy cooler... Nice pair man!!!
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