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Hello from Team DenimBlog!

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Hi Everyone!


My name is Jennifer and you may have seen me positing in the forum. I'm a community leader and fashion writer at DenimBlog.


I'm obsessed with all things fashion, especially denim. My favorite denim brands are J Brand, Rag & Bone and Current/Elliott. My favorite fashion brands are Isabel Marant, YSL and Proneza Schouler.

Outside of fashion and DenimBlog,  I enjoy cooking, running (I'm training for my first half marathon!), and art history.

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I'm Lorna, I am the editor of DenimBlog's blog and also one of the main writers. I have been obsessed with jeans for about 10 years now and have developed a big collection over those years. My favourite brands would be Current/Elliott, Paige, Diesel and 7 For All Mankind, but I do love so many others. My favourite style would have to be the jegging and second to that is the ankle skinny jean. I just love denim all round!


My actual hobbies are blogging and outside of DenimBlog, I am still a fashion and personal style blogger. I also love photography and astronomy/space, believe it or not. I know those two don't really go hand in hand, but I do. If you have any questions about denim or jeans, feel free to message me, I help out everyone that I can. You can also check out my personal style blog here http://www.raindropsofsapphire.com



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Hi Everybody!
My name is Dave.  I am the founder and business director of DenimBlog.  I spend most of my time in the back office keeping an eye on the web statistics, advertising sales, team management and many other details of this growing site.
I live in Colorado and love it here.  Lots of great things to do outside and an awesome community.  I love Diesel jeans and Nudies.  I like to skateboard, bike, and I have been studying architecture quite a bit recently. 
Thanks for coming to visit our site!
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I'm Chanelle, I'm one of the newer contributors to Denim Blog. I'm responsible for the more fashion based posts but still like to include some denim posts in as well.


My favorite denim would have to be David Kahn, Lucky brand, WESC, and J Brand. 


I'm a Los Angeles native that loves everything fashion. When I'm not writing for Denim Blog I'm writing for my own personal style blog (thepenelopetimes.com) as well as running my own online vintage clothing store (penelopesvintage.com) both equally as fun!. I've had a great time expanding my knowledge for denim through this position and am excited for what's to come. I hope you enjoy my posts and thanks for reading! 

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My name is Alyssa and I am an Account Manager for DenimBlog.  I work with all of the Advertisers/Sponsors who help make this site possible!  You may see me posting featured content, promoting contests, and more. 


I am originally from Southern California but have been living in San Francisco for over five years.  Although I miss the sunshine and warm weather of Southern CA, I thoroughly enjoy living in this city by the bay!


Thanks for visiting DenimBlog.

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Hello all!


My name is Stephanie and I secure the sponsorships which help support our site and content!

After two years with Denimblog, my denim favorite remains James and Paige - looking forward to trying Rag & Bone in the near future :)


If you have any ideas of brands or retailers that would be a good fit for the site, please PM me.


Long Live Denim,


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My name is John and I'm the menswear community director. I moderate the content on the forum making sure the mood on the site is respectful and no rules are being broken!
I'm a massive diesel fan, as are many of you here and I've developed an unhealthy obsession with the brand. Allsaints comes a close 2nd.
I'm from Galway which is in the west of Ireland. My hobbies(outside spending every penny I own on jeans!) are any kind of outdoor sport from kayaking, cross country running, etc, I'm currently training for the most difficult marathon our country has to offer, the connemarathon. Aside from that cooking is what I love I do in my downtime. My grandmother was Spanish and cooking is a vital part of my family life.
Anyway enough about me! I'm always available if you need any help or advice on anything at all! I'm at your disposal!

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Hi everyone! 


My name is Monica and I work closely, both literally and figuratively, with Steph and Alyssa. My educational background is in foreign languages and photography. Before Huddler I was a Community Manager at StumbleUpon.


Favorite jeans? I've had a huge problem finding the right pair of jeans all my life. The one-size-fits-all model really didn't work for me. Then finally Levi's Curve ID jeans came along and changed my life. I consider myself a "denim noob" - and I'd definitely love to see more tutorials and how-to articles on how to find the best brand of jeans for one's body type or lists of jeans/brands for different body types. 


In my free time, I like to be outdoors and away from the city as much as possible. I do a lot of yoga, hike, go on adventures and photoshoots. I also work a lot on photo post production. I run a travel blog and have recently returned from a big trip around the world. 


Long story short... I am really excited to be working with you all and be part of the DenimBlog team! 




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Hi Everyone,


I'm Jonathan, one of the main writers for DenimBlog. It will be my third year writing for the site this December. My favorite denim brands are Rag & Bone, Current/Elliott and J Brand. My favorite fit from all are their skinny because i have such skinny legs that won't fit into men's jeans. To describe my style, I would say that I am very casual. Though I do like a great bold look here and there.


When I am not writing for DenimBlog, I am either killing time with my friends or writing for my own site (mrfoxtrot.wordpress.com). I am based in Los Angeles and have lived here my whole life. I cannot think of any other place to live...well maybe at one of the fashion meccas. Hope you guys enjoy my writing and continue to enjoy it in the future.




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Newbie here! My name is Jayne, I'm from Salt Lake City, & am the newest member to the Denim Blog team!


A little bit about me... I'm a graphic designer  ////  Just moved to Denver {love it!}  ////  Love me some jeans  ////  I love to travel  ////  I love anything sweet {except brownies}  ////  I love design {graphic, interior, fashion}  ////  Avid Diet Coke Drinker  ////  I redecorate my house every 3 months {I get stir crazy}  ////  I road bike, mountain bike, snow ski, & waterski  ////  I'm a pinner | follow me ////  I own a boutique Design studio :: www.OctoberInk.com  ////  I want a newfoundland dog real bad but our landlord says no :(  ////  I love Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, & The Head & the Heart  ////  I don't think I own pants that are not jeans  ////  I love making to-do lists {nerdy, I know}  ////  My favorite TV Show of all time is Arrested Development... my close second... Friday Night Lights.... or Grey's Anatomy...




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