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Shioner 801A

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Does anyone know where I can get this in a size 36x30? I am in the USA.  Thanks in advance.

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I suggest call your local diesel store. If they don't have it, they can always special order you one.
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does anyone not like the color of the 801A?

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I was surprised by one last night for my bday... I like it.. but I admit its harder to match.. I now need new shoes and perhaps some new shirts to go w/ it....


I got gf to return 28x32 and we ordered 28x30 w/ Diesel online store today.. why pay close to $400 for a pair I still need to hem.. screw that.

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Originally Posted by chazzerrific View Post

does anyone not like the color of the 801A?

I love mine icon_biggrin.gif
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I have a pair and I realized everyone on here loves them.  figured there had to be someone out there that doesn't icon_razz.gif


my sister doesn't like the color, so I guess that makes one.  


what color shirts do you think go well with them, denim collector?

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I got myself shirts from Adriano Goldschmied (agjeans.com) and I have to say the quality is unmatched for me among all the brands I have. Also all their stuff is made in USA.
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So, what's the consensus on sizing on these (compared to thavars or other shioners)?



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I got my usual size which is 31 X 32 in all my skinny cuts.....Thanaz/Thavar/Shioner. Initially they are very stiff but after wearing few times they fit perfect. I say go with your usual size.

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