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Hi, I'm new here to DB, and I am a fellow denim addict. I have yet to purchase a pair of Diesels because I have always stayed loyal to Joe's and 7FAM. A few buddys of mine have finally got to me with their nonstop flabbering of Diesel talk. So I have been doing alot of  research on all the fits, and on paper the Krooley wash has caught my eye the most, I haven't seen these jeans in person nor have I tried them on. I live in a smaller town so access to a Diesel store or 2'nd party distributor are is at a loss. My ultimate question is how exactly do they fit, would they be similar to the brixton fit by Joe's and if possible could you share your pics of the Krooley 880G. 


I wear slim fit denim, 30x30 and I'm 5'8 155lbs. 


Thanks in advance!