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True Religion Section #501

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Hi.. I just bought TR jeans at Nordstrom Rack, I think it's the only one that they have. I'm a bit worried about the authenticity. In the label at the back of the jeans it says. Section #501. Does this type exist?
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i think that just means it's an older style of true religion...not necessarily fake
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#501 are older style ...does not make them fake just BECAUSE of the #501..
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Thanks for the info, guys... do you know the name of the style, by any change?
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they got sued by levi's thats why they changed and starting using joey bobby etc... instead of numbers
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yeah. though a lot of the ones on ebay are fake from what i have seen. I like how they changed to names than numbers...
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I had an old authentic one that said that...i think 501 was the old name for joeys. Are the ones you bought joeys?
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Joeys are 503, Bobby 500, Sammy 529.. 501 may have been an earlier Joey or that Emily/Bridget thing they had. A 'Joey' type.
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TR section 501 with pictures

HI guys.. here are the pictures of the jeans... what do you guys think?
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i think they are Bridgets b/c i had some that (i am pretty sure) had 501 on them.
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