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Hi guys, any opinions on the Raven biker jacket? I promised myself (and my wife!) that I wouldn't buy another leather jacket but this one has caught my eye!! I don't usually go for biker style jackets as felt they don't suit me but I spotted someone wearing this jacket recently and thought it looked pretty damn good!!

What are we all thinking of the new collection so far? Haven't been blown away with it like previous collections but maybe they'll bring out some more items that will hit the spot!!
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As far as the biker jackets go, i think Griffin jacket is one of the best. A friend of mine bought it and i actually wish i could get it instead of Shard jacket. Griffin has a very clean style, and the leather is very nice.


Then again i assume you have a lot of leather jackets :) Something different like Raven might suit your taste. 


It is not new but Brading jacket seems very nice as well. The denim jacket-lookalike leathers seem to be popular.


Dial Jacket looks nice as well imo.

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Does anyone know if AllSaints ever puts their "biker project" leathers up for sale? Specifically the Griff Leather Biker?

If so, when does their summer sale usually start?




I really like it but I'm not sure I want to pay $1000 for it.

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Don't suppose anyone's got the Amity leather jacket? It looks beautiful on the website, wondered if anyone owns it/ seen it in person?

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25% off right now 

limited items...


so no discount on leathers... :wallbash:

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Received my Shift Leather Bomber jacket today & boy does it fit well.


Size XS was long gone but my spider sense asked me to check it on their website on Sunday. 1 piece was miraculously available & I did not waste any time grabbing it. Guys, the re-stock email notification seems to work only if the item comes back in stock & stays in stock for some time. So you may want to keep checking regularly by visiting the product page to ensure that someone else doesn't beat you to it. In the past I have got notifications but this particular time I did not. Just saying if someone already doesn't know.


The quality seems pretty good but only time will tell how good. The matte finished jacket fits perfect. I'm 5ft 7in and 130lbs with a 34.5in chest. The sleeve length is perfect too - ends exactly where it should. My previous jacket from H.E. by MANGO failed me here. The jacket had an okayish fit but the sleeves were gigantic. It was sent back, for good.

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Hi guys i'm selling these pairs of shoes,




Guard shoes size UK 10 / 44


Worn once, if you are interested let me know

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Back in business after 4 months without Internet!


So here it is:


Allsaints Blenham bomber jacket

Asos basic shirt 

Allsaints print cigarette jean

Allsaints Lance boots


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@VincentVega awesome leather jacket man. also, is it me or have you lost a lot of weight? fantastic work! keep it up! 

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Originally Posted by audit30 View Post

@VincentVega awesome leather jacket man. also, is it me or have you lost a lot of weight? fantastic work! keep it up! 

About 20 kilos in 4 months Mr ;)


Here another one: 


Allsaints Manair jacket 


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Hey guys, Im very interested to know if there are any upcoming sales that you are aware of?

I mean are there any sales that occurred last year around that time of the year? And when do the sales start and do they go to -50% or they barely reach -40%?

Im very interested in trying out this brand. I visited their store in Amsterdam and I gotta say I was pretty impressed by the store and the apparel.

I am going to be going there again in a couple of days so I really want to know if I should wait and get the items i want on sale or i should just go and buy them now?


p.s. VincentVega where are you here on that photo? :)

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@straychev, hate to be the one to tell you this but you've just missed the sale. It finished on Monday. I don't think they do another one till summer. Probably June/July.
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@Phukette, I checked my e-mail's Spam box on Tuesday night and realised I missed it. I subscribed to their e-mail list a week ago, idk why Gmail put it in my spam box...

And just because I got too angry that I missed it i want to get a new sale soon. Or maybe I should just go to their store and buy the stuff I want. :D

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Originally Posted by straychev View Post 


p.s. VincentVega where are you here on that photo? :)


The photo was taken in Aime la plagne France. I'm working here at the Club Med since November. It's a little town in the mountain near Switzerland, full of snow. 

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VincentVega nice! It's beautiful over there. Looked like Austria to me at first :)

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Originally Posted by straychev View Post

VincentVega nice! It's beautiful over there. Looked like Austria to me at first :)

Believe me: If I was president, I will burn this fucking place and build parking and supermarket on. Worst work season of my life. And my girlfriend leave me with some sms the day after she quit. So, no. It's DEFINITELTY NOT the place to be. 

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I recently brought the Cargo Leather Biker jacket in size S and although the leather was already very supple and soft I was wondering whether it requires 'breaking in' and loosens up more over time? The length is perfect on me but it's slightly tight around the shoulders/upper arms & hard to zip up fully.

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Hey guys, just wanted to know when does the End of the season sale start and how big is it? -40% or just -30% like Diesel does on their jeans?


I remember there was recently a Mid-Season sale, it was -20%. So that gives me hope that the end of the season sale will be -40% but is it really, or ALLSAINTS is like Diesel and Diesel doesn't discount their jeans for more than -30%...


I really like one Leather bomber jacket, but it is freaking expensive. It is around 400-450 euro... that's insane for a bomber jacket.

Anyway, I just want to know and I would really appreciate it if you know and just tell me if the sale comes in mid-July and it lasts for a month and it is for example -40%. Sounds like a dream come true to me :)

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Hi all! I think there is a sale of 25% now on everything, check their twitter:


Bank Holiday Weekend Promotion 25% OFF ALL STYLES Use promo code STYLE25 online. Shop Now http://goo.gl/I3nL0Z 


So far I know it's for the UK site, don't know about the US though..


edit: It also works on the US site, don't know for how long

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Happy days, nabbed some snare boots and a load of tees.
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sales on!


need some advise 


i have griffin in S


blenham S or M


inputs before sale ends!

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Just got the amity leather jacket, it's a thing of beauty. I'll post pics later.

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lets see some pics!

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I just ordered the cargo jacket !! Looking forward to see what it looks like in real...

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Pics gentlemen! Or it didn't happen! icon_wink.gif
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