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Guys, I'm a man of few, simple pleasures. Seeing a big box from allsaints arriving at my door is one of them.


Ainu Shirt, Figum Tee, Denuke Tee, Notch belt and a skinny belt I bought off eBay:


And the Kobushi Jacket, been eyeing this for a while and thought "what the hey!" and I'm not disappointed! Great Autumn jacket and guys, I got a medium in this, I usually get a small  and the medium fit bang on so beware when buying.

 *Pics without and with fur collar




Fit pics to follow.....

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damn....ainu shirt looks great...and that jacket..............one of the two military jackets ive been eyeing on their site. so badass! 

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Nice Vince! Any clearer pics?
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Nice Vince! Any clearer pics?

Thanks buddy! Unfortunaly, I didn't have other clear photos...I plan to buy another Allsaints leather next week, & I will post photos of the Parisian Allsaints store, so you can see how beautiful is the place...

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Hi guys, what are your thoughts on the Alloy leather jacket or the Hurst leather? I've got a £400 gift card burning a hole in my pocket and I've been waiting for a nice new leather jacket to be released to spend it on!

I recently bought the Frame leather in size medium but was a bit big so sent it back with the intention of getting in small but then thought I'd wait to see if they brought anything else out. I love the Frame leather but wish they'd bring it out in brown with a contrast collar like the Koboshi. Phukette - what's your thoughts on the Koboshi? Any pics of you wearing it?

I really want a brown, khaki or navy leather jacket with a contrast shearling collar but they don't seem to be releasing one! Anyone know of any other brands that do a jacket like that for £500 or under???
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Phukette - I think from what I've read on your previous posts that you take the same size as me in All Saints - mainly small but sometimes XS or medium? I've literally got a whole wardrobe full of all saints clothes going back to 2009 season, maybe we could swap some unwanted items?!!!
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@scottystyle do you have any black leather jacket in small/medium? :P 

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Sorry, I haven't got a black one but I do have the Archive leather jacket in a really dark brown (almost looks black)
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hmm im kinda looking for a black leather jacket. i have like 2 brown leather jackets at the moment. thanks though! 

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What brow ones do you have??
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the command and the post commander. the post commander is sort of a tan/camel/weird brown colour, i havent received the command yet. and ive got a brown superdry brad jacket 

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Greetings scottystyle! I'm fierce protective of my allsaints clobber so we'll have to see about trades but I am open to trades! As for the leathers, not a fan of the alloy or hurst but the frame is nice! Here's a pic of the kabushi:

Audit30, try the shard leather, nice black leather with military styling and the goatskin is lush!
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though on new site? I find it terrifying..

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Any ideas about Black Friday sales?

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I'm not keen on the new website - yes, you can see the clothes more clearly but it doesn't tell you what colour the item is and I miss the lookbook! Does anyone know if there'll be anymore releases before Christmas?
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Just a quick one - I think I'm gonna go for the frame leather or the ishida. Biker jackets don't seem to suit me but the ishida seems a little less 'biker-ish' than the others. What do you guys reckon I should go for?? I love the frame leather but didn't really want to go for a black jacket!! I'm so bloody fussy!!
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nice fit. what size is it? small? 

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XS, it fits really snug when I zip it up :) the tee is XS too, think my chest is like 36" - 37" not really the most muscly of guys.

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i see, cheers
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Blenham bomber, ignore the neon red tracksuit bottoms and the work top. it's weird the conroy feels about twice as heavy as the blenham :/






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I decided to go for the Frame leather in the end. Not the best pic, will do some better ones tomorrow when there's more light. The quality of the leather is amazing, the best leather I've experienced with any All Saints jacket - still thinking I'm missing that 'wow' factor with it though after spending £458!! What do you guys think? I'm wearing the Dorset long sleeve crew with Sodium Iggy jeans in Bottle Green.
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Really nice gents. Loving the leathers!
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Hey guys, I discovered AllSaints a while ago and am hoping to finally pick some stuff up soon online, but was wondering if anyone could help with sizing tips.


I'm looking to pick up a pair of the Slate pipe chinos and the Toxic Pipe Jeans, but was wondering if I should size down? I typically wear a 30x32 jean/pant and the length of the chinos was fine from a pair I tried on in Chicago a month ago while visiting, but the waist size seemed bigger than what I'm used to (I didn't get a chance to try on a 28). Should I size down for sure? Has anyone had any experience with the Pipe Jeans or Chinos? 


Also, does anyone have any idea if they'll be running a Black Friday/holiday sale again this year? 

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