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Is the general consensus though that a little too small is better than a little too big. My peyto is a little too big so I'm thinking of going from large to medium (which I know will be a little too small). I think baggy looks worse in a slim fit jacket than a bit tight. Opinions?
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I agree with you. A slim fit jacket should be fitted on you, otherwise it defeats the purpose.
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Yeah I always go for one smaller.
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I foresee the hilling and convoy in oblood in my near future!
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Great fit in the Conroy jacket.  It looks great on you.  The girls will come running!  Shit now I have to think about buying that one.  its a big hit to the pocketbook. 

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Originally Posted by FEDERYK View Post


I hope that the leather relaxing just enough to make it more comfortable, is really soft!


Any opinion on pipe chino?


I love my rust pipe chinos that I got in the sale this summer. Very comfy actually

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Right the Peyto has been returned as the large was too big and the medium was too small. Bit gutted. That said I now have store credit for a jacket so any suggestions or if anyone sees any new leathers appear please give me a shout
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Do anyone sell kushiro leather jacket size M? : )


Would like to buy it : ) 



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Going to Chicago next week and going to check out the outlet store and big store as well. I have a list of things to try and buy...going to pray I dont get out of control!
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Seems that james blunt like ALLSAINTS jackets




Cargo jacket



Conroy jacket

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That's it decided then. I am not buying the conroy
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Originally Posted by rob181174 View Post

That's it decided then. I am not buying the conroy


Ha I love it in Oxblood.

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Hahah! Me too, I'm going I get it for my bro for Xmas. He's been eyeing it since it came out but can't justify the price since he became a dad. I might leave out the fact that James Cunt has worn it. I think Jared Followill from kings of leon also wears it. So that may increase its street cred just a tad.
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Finally got Kushiro biker jacket in Paris yesterday morning, & it KICKED ass!!! Great fit but I worn it with Krooley NE 0800A & That did not go with the jacket at all. I'm going to wear the jacket with Black or Grey denim like Shioner 8×6 for example.


I also bought this:




Will post photo in a couple of hours.

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Man,that jacket is boss.On a side note,why does everyone on this thread seem to hate James Blunt?Just wondering:) 

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Well it's just my opinion but I'd say his music is trite and he has the personality of cardboard. As said that's just my view and not the view of the bbc
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Did someone try Allsaints Tapered denim? I'm about to buy a black one in W36, but would like to know how did they fits before. Are they tight or large?

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Ended up buying the Peyto and the sleeveless pea coat.... When it's layered it looks identical the the pea coat with leather sleeves
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I saw the Peyto in store and it's really nice, the red lining is awesome. Good leather too. Post some pics coz I'd to see how that look is on real life.

Was searching through some old lookbooks last night and found some really cool stuff from A/W10. Will post them up later.
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So the outlet is a toss up. WARNING there are absolutely no Xsmall/Small in anything for mens. They did have a lot of belts which I needs and the shoe selection was good.
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Now that's really cool. That biker looks amazing mate. The leather looks real nice!
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Very late, but finally: here's some pictures of my Kushiro biker jacket. Denim is Diesel Narrot NE- 884w. Tee-shirt is Levi's "Honestly made" limited collection.


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^great jacket mate!

Just to let you all know there is a 100 hour sale on allsaints right now.
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