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I think the it looks great on you man. It's supposed to be fitted as its a layering piece. Mine is like that.
But at the end of the day it's what you're comfortable with and the kinman denim isn't as nice as the Bloomsbury in person.

Aahz, that mac is freakin awesome!!! Love it!
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thanks guys! ill just hang on to it for now as im trimming up, itll probably fit better sooner or later and if i find a bloomsbury in a large ill grab it and then sell mine. im also eyeing that other denim jacket you got Phukette! looks pretty cool.  this one too:




has anybody seen it in real life? 

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hey all. i'm thinking of picking up a leather jacket. although i don't own one, i know i am a medium in superdry leather jackets. given this, what size would you recommend i get for allsaints?


thanks in advance :)

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Try a medium I'd say. Worst case, it doesn't fit and you can get an exchange.
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will order medium. appreciate the brisk reply :)

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Diverse, Avern or tricky? I know it's last season but which is best?
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Tricky all the way! The leather is jut amazing.
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I have all three (got the tricky in the current sale on a fluke (guessing they had one left)) and not sure which I like the most. I have become addicted to all saints coats over the last few years. I just wish they could do decent jeans
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Yeah the jeans are very plain and not choice in terms of fit. Well you're in the right place if you have an addiction to allsaints. I'm currently eyeing my 5th leather jacket. God knows how many other coats I have as well.
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I'm hoping for some good ones in the upcoming collections (the brown biker one that they have had as the front picture to the leathers section online looks amazing). I think I currently only need one more (maybe too). My only problem is I love their biker jackets but they don't really suit me (I look like an extra from grease) so I'm hoping for something different. All my jeans come from diesel. They just do them better I'm afraid
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Can I just clarify I really have no idea why I put too instead of two!!
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Not sure how long the sale continues but just to let people know there is a hell of a lot of stock left in stores. Although its dwindling online I was surprised how much is still available in store. Just got a pair of the range boot in black for half price
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yeah thats how i got my russ shirt and iwate jacket even though on the website they seem to be out of stock. lol. 

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I bought the iwate jacket. Really nice summer coat. I purchased the gowd last year (which seems to be pretty much identical to the Bloomsbury, freemont and other variations)
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AllSaints has the some of the best end of season sales. I stumbled upon this in the store for $157:




Also got a great deal on the thetford bag.


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I missed out on the Richmond coat when it went on sale. Shame. I got a ted baker one instead. Nice but no cashmere.
Have you seen the new season stuff? Look book was released today and it looks good.
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I'm not really feeling the bomber jackets, but they've got some really great shirts coming out. This is a definite for me:




I already have quite a collection of their western cut. It's just fantastic. Right now I'm wearing the Murakami I got on sale last week in Bristol.


I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring out for blazers and sport coats. I haven't been knocked out by their selection the last couple of seasons.

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Got a question for you Phukette... Has your Ruin shirt stretched any?


I ordered the brown in small. It's perfect across the shoulders and in the sleeve length, but it's quite tight across the chest. I can button it, but all I have to do is take a deep breath and I hulk out of it.

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That shirt is top of my list too. The ruin hasn't budged but it has softened. I never close it so it doesn't bother me. Their knitwear appeals to me. I got a few bits last year and I'm gonna increase my collection. They do good heritage wear.
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Aahz got the same issue as you when it comes to allsaints shirts....small fits perfect apart from the chest :) can get away with their shirts in a small apart from the denim shirts because of the thickness of the denim...

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The ruin shirt arrived today. It's a lot stiffer / waxier than the one I tried in the store, but it seems to fit slightly better in the chest. I can actually button it without it looking like a corset.


Like you, I don't plan on buttoning it but it's nice to have the option. I plan on wearing it as an outer jacket, not a layering piece.


Plus it just seems silly to spend that much on something that doesn't fit 100%.


I love it! it looks impeccably tailored.

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What's people's opinion of the new peyto leather jacket?
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Nice but shocking expensive.
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Yeah it is pricey. I'm not sure about the back (I prefer a panel back similar to the tricky or the avern) and the red lining. I have money for one more leather this year but think it might be better to wait a while
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Well man if it was me and money was no option then I'd totally get it. The leather looks too notch and that red lining is a real eye catcher. But I would wait till more come out but only to make a more informed decision.
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