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Here are the pics of the range boots as promised. Worn with Shioner 801A:








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great boots Phukette! they look simple but super fashionable. and nice combo with the amazing 801A

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"Good" bad or "bad" bad?

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Bad as in bad ass my friend!
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Well in that case! Thank you! I do like em!

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Yeah, those are really nice there. They look well made too.

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

That is true I am a sucker for allsaints leathers but that one is not nice. 

Hahah, mate, that was a joke. It was a terrible one, so I can see why you didn't get it =]

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Sometimes I can be awful clueless too!

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Was a little bored so I decided to take a trip to my local allsaints store, it's only 3 hours away! Went a little crazy so bought loads:

Smiley Crew T-Shirt:

This is quite nice, cloth is thicker than previous graphic tees and is a slimmer fit with  a proper crew neck.


Oshima Iggy Jeans:

These suprised me, good japanese selvedge denim in a wash that won't change the world but  a lovely fit, just like Thavar but with a fitted waist and a smidge more room in the thigh, slim but comfortable.


Iwate Denim Jacket:

Dark Indigo, almost raw denim Jacket with creases at the elbows, Also Japanese denim, fits the same as the bloomsbury.


And finally the Ruin Leather Shirt, i've wanted this for ages and now I have it i love it. Leather is very rigid and itll have to be broken in some but thats ok, I can see myself wearing this a lot. Had to get a size small to get the right fit. Fit pics in the WDAYWT thread.


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Great Purchases there Chap

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Thank you old bean!
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A little spend up :) just needed some plain jeans..

All Saints IGGY Japanese selvage indigo denim

All Saints IGGY black Jeans

Chalk scoop 

A1923 boots 



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Awesome stuff! What kind of iggy are the japanese ones? Oshima?
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Well funny story on these - was in London Saturday and one of the guys went out back to get a size for me and saw these (old stock I think, in my size)

Worthing IGGY- Picked them up sale price £50.00..really love the denim on these...




I saw your pics the other day and thought the cut would work on me and the fit is perfect-very happy so thanks for the post...wouldn't think about buying their jeans 

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Me either, the fit is a lot better than I thought. Got my eye on the truxton iggy myself.
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Yep that's the black pair - denim very soft on these. 

Kind of going for a cleaner look - diesels are great 888p 8x2 880W are great jeans and not sure they do plain jeans that well if you know what I mean.. IGGY are a good day to day jean..for the money get a lot of wear out of these.. 


Those NAT I sent you the link the other day are the bomb though... they fit TTS on the waist for me.

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Thanks for the heads up on sizing. When I get back from honeymoon they are first on my list!

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Been searching a long time for this... the Meraux Parka.


Last July I snatched up the Depot Parka during the sales at a ridiculous price and totally fell in love with its superb fit and excellent practicality. Once, I was wearing it in the local AllSaints store and the sales person suggested I also look at the Meraux. I thought, 'yeah that's nice, but no way I'm going to pay that much for it!"


It wasn't until I was in Amsterdam in the near freezing rain that I realized how just perfectly this parka would serve in the right conditions: rainy... cold... I want my hands free for taking pictures... and look good doing it. icon_cool.gif


So I decided to consider it again, but again hesitated because of the price. Then my size was gone!


So I checked, and checked again... and again... and even called. Finally I asked during a visit to the local store and they located one sitting in a store on the other side of the country.


I persuaded them to get that other store to bill me for the coat and ship it to my house. It turned out to be a rather complicated process that took a half a day to get all the right authorizations (and included me having to facilitate the purchase through a gift card).




So it finally arrived yesterday, and I'm really glad I carried out the intention of getting this. It really is quite an amazing piece of outerwear -- nicely cut and extremely functional. This is a lifelong piece.


The outer is waxed cotton, treated by Millerain. The slant pockets are constructed so as to keep water from entering. The hood is generous and lined with flannel. The coat has corduroy trim across the back of the neck, down the front placket, and inside the sleeve cuffs, making the whole thing feel very cozy. It's got a quilted lining and so far seems quite warm.


Very well-put together.





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@AahZ simply superb :)

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hey guys. i finally had the chance to find and buy the bloomsbury jacket in a medium but im not sure if its ok on me or not. when im wearing it like in the first photo its ok but when i button it up it is kinda restricting (it shows in the last photo -upper buttons- ). i mean, i cant open my arms wide and of course if i lift my arms, the whole jacket moves up lifting the tshirt as well lol. and one last thing i noticed, but not that annoying, is that when i lift my arm (like in the photos to take a photo) the jacket seems to be tight on my bicep area. since i have no experience with denim jackets, and especially slim fitted ones, could you tell me what do you think? 


ps. i LOVE the colour of this jacket. even better than i expected it to be! 



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I'd size up, personally. I was on the same situation with the Ruin Leather Shirt, and I stuck with it until I found out it simply didn't fit me.

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hmmm i find it too hard to give up on it. it took months before i found a size medium and a size large now is impossible to find (and it was available most of the time i was looking for a medium -_- )

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this one looks kinda the same with the bloomsbury, appart from the collar being different. kinda thinking of selling the bloomsbury and grabbing this? i really dont know..

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The thing about being tight on your biceps will really get to you at some point, trust me. It's the main reason why I sold my Ruin jacket.

That other one you linked to is pretty cool IMO, though the color of the Bloomsbury seems cooler. If I were you, I'd sell your Bloomsbury, pick up the Kinman (Large, obviously) and stay on the lookout for a Bloomsbury size L (check Ebay.com and Ebay.co.uk every day, it's bound to show up eventually).

They're both different enough that you could keep the 2.

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