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Found a Bloomsbury in medium!



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Congrats aahz!! It looks amazing!!!

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lucky you Aahz! may i ask where you got it? i cant seem to find in a medium :/ 

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I got it online. I just happened to check and a medium was back in stock. Disappeared again right after I ordered, so it must have been a return.

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alright, thanks. it seems that i will only find it on ebay (if im lucky) 

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Finally! Just what I've been looking for. 

Wasnt expected to find them here! 

Anybody have any experience with allsaints boots? What's the deal with the no soles?



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That looks cool Phukette (though I'm not a fan of the round finish). I hear good things about their boots, but no experience myself.

For anyone interested, there's an avern in size small up for auction right now, and it's bnwt:


What do you guys think of their diverse leather pea coat? I'm debating myself about whether I should get one.

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Oh was tempted by that one too. One of the better leathers from last season. I was gonna consider it if it went on sale but alas I didn't. If it goes on sale this summer I might pick one up. 

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Did you happen to try it on Phukette? I'm confused about the sizing.

I'm usually a medium but I found the ruin leather shirt to fit me perfectly as a large and be way too tight as a medium.

Any idea if I should get a large or a medium on the pea coat? I'm confused because the website describes both the shirt and the coat as slim fitting, but I just feel the coat is naturally larger because it's double breasted
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I'd say a medium. The diverse is a coat while the ruin is sort of like shirt and wears like a coat.
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That last bit didn't quite make sense, but you always give solid advice so I'll go for a medium. Thanks!

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I meant to say wears like a shirt. Sorry man, I may have had one or two sherries before bed last night. 

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can anyone identify this leather jacket for me? it looks like the post commander but its upper pockets are different. 

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nevermind that...im just looking for a cool black leather jacket from allsaints. any advice anyone? 

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Avern or tricky. Easy. 

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hmmm thanks Phukette. the tricky jacket is the one youve got? unfortunately i can find neither of those at a fair price. only the coerce and the absolute leather jacket at a size medium. 

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Coerce. Prefer the collar. 

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alright thanks! 

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What do you guys think about this jacket:


Can't decide whether I think it's cool or not

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Ah dude, that's shockin ugly.
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You're just saying that because you want to buy all of the ones that are on stock.

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That is true I am a sucker for allsaints leathers but that one is not nice. 

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Just recieved my range boots. They are sooooo coooool! Very thick leather treated and worn looking. Very stinky though, whatever they used to make then look the way they look it smells like paint or solvents or something. Leather sole so I'll have take care walking in the wet. All in all they look great but will take a little time to wear them in but fantastically well made. I'll post some pics later on and I want to see what they look like with my diesels. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. You know I love you guys!

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i saw this video today and felt like i had to post it here. i really like how they showed the actual process (even if probably its not always like that) :D

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That is kinda cool. 

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