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Oh the graphic tees are fine. They come a but dishevelled as it is and I've no probs with the quality of them. It's their basic tees that are kinda crap.
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Thats good to know coz ive ordered a couple of cool tees off ebay. Have u got any idea about that metamorphosis blazer?
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None sorry. If its back catalogue then it'll be proper slim fit so a medium would be best for you.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Saw that this morning. Same old stuff really. Couple if nice shirts. Duncan and murakami shirts are worth a punt.

I was in the store yesterday and saw the Duncan shirt. It is NICE.

It's a heavier weight, like the Hamer shirt so it can do double duty as an outer layer. And the blue wash on it is just gorgeous.
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That seals it. I've been looking for a nice denim shirt and the herscel shirt never came back in in a small. Thanks aahz! Any other choice picks?
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Not really.


I looked out for a couple of things, like the Laszlo Bomber Cardigan. It's cool but I'd prefer it in black. Ink doesn't do it for me with that pattern.


I also wanted to see if the Aya Denim Jacket looked better in person... Nope.


I ended up grabbing a killer deal on one of last season's shirts... the Clearcutter for $36.

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That's a steal! I never fancied the aya jacket. The two tone thing isn't very nice.
Think I'm gonna order the Duncan shirt tomorrow. I'm in the mood to treat myself.
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Man, what is wrong with the lookbook on this season? The guy that models it just makes everything look really shitty.

Aahz, does the duncan shirt look like it's made of denim?

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I know. He looks like someone told he can't have sweets for dinner and he just sulking.
And I'll have the Duncan shirt in a couple if days. I'll post pics when I get it.
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Thanks, look forward to it!

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Yes, it's definitely denim.


I was looking at the aya as a possible longshot since I missed the bloomsbury.

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What about the kiku denim jacket? If the US store doesn't have and you can't find it in your hols then I can ship one to you? Shouldn't be too expensive as allsaints ship for free to me.
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I had seen the kiku sometime back. I don't like how distressed it is, especially the frayed collar.


And the thing is, my hamer shirt has a two tone thing going on and it looks really good. It's just awkward on the aya.

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What is the story with allsaints bringing out MORE leather biker jackets? I count 7 of the bloody things and that's not including the avern or leather pea coats. 1 or 2 would have been plenty. It's starting to annoy me. And for god sake bring out some nice brown leathers please.
Ok rant over....
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Yeah, and I don't really like those asymmetric biker jackets because I don't like how they "hang" when open.

New items added to the website by the way. Nothing eye catching so far, for me at least.

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Haha. That's kinda funny. I wouldn't wear it in a fit never mind paying that price for it.
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The Duncan Shirt is a very very nice shirt. Finally a proper Denim shir made from denim!! I've had a couple of shirts from G-Star and Diesel and theyve been quite light and this one is proper denim. Thick denim too with a great wash in a western style. I love it.







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Looks great!


Did you get a small? How's the arm length?

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Looks great..looks like a small to me.. amazing how their stuff comes up so small..

Aahz whats the two tone hamer shirt like? I believe you have one..



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It's a small. It's slim fitting too. The way it should be. The sleeve length is just right too. I really love the fit of this shirt.
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Crazy how a 6'3 man wears a small... what do the small people wear?!!


Realdeal, the Hamer shirt is a bit thicker than the Duncan... almost like a jacket. The two tone looks nice. It's subtle in the way that it looks as if it aged like that. And the detail in the highs/lows along the seams is beautiful.


It's a very comfortable shirt that looks like it's going to get softer and softer over time.

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I'm 6'1" aahz and yeah I find sizing a little strange these days. Some brands I'm a medium and in others I'm a small. Makes trying out new brands and buying online a little tedious.
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Oh I thought you were taller. You're just a hair over me.


My first round of AllSaints shirts were all large, including the Shibuya. That's just the default size I've gotten my whole life up till now (now it obvious that I've been wearing tents that whole time). So now I go medium.


However, the cuts of AllSaints are so well done, even the larges still look fitted.


And I have to admit, buying that leather jacket in small really freaked me out.

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Thanks for the info..Aahz..in London next weekend and I'II see if I can pick up a hamer shirt in a small :) will check out the Duncan as well. 

Have a great Sunday cheers

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