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Yea I'd say go for a medium.
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awesome. im about to get some tshirts from their site ^^ by the way, does anyone have a scoop tshirt from them? most of the designs i like are a scoop cut and im wondering how they actually look. if they fall too much on the chest , maybe a crew cut would look better...? 

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Mod edit: no selling in the main forum. Please restrict selling to marketplace only.
From what I've seen on eBay and other pictures, the scoop collar is comically large, though phukette can probably answer this better. I love the cut collar they have, I'm broad shouldered and it fits me perfectly: large enough to look cool, not large enough to make me look like a douchebag.
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Scoop necks have a neckline similar to a vest, they're primarily designed for layering and I think they look ridiculous on their own.
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yeah thats what i was afraid of so ill keep off them. it pisses me off though that most cool designs that they have right now come in the scoop cut. even some colours of the tonic scoop tshirt are fantastic. 

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Get the furnace t-shirt, I loved mine and it even impressed my girlfriend.

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Hey Audit, there's a bloomsbury jacket on auction right now on Ebay, size Large:


Doesn't ship outside UK though.

Speaking of which, if someone would be a kind soul to just send a package my way, I really want the warwick jacket and trousers, but the trousers are sold out on my size in the US site, and the UK site has them but doesn't ship to Brazil.

So I'd just buy and send them to someone with a UK address and they'd just have to mail it to me (I'll pay for the shipping obviously). I know it's a long shot, but if someone wants to help out, please let me know.

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thanks lavoisier! ill message him to see if he would ship it to Greece. but id have to ask phukette first about some measurements of his bloomsbury like sleeve length and arm circumference (since that would be the problem in getting a medium). by the way, today i got my first allsaints items and im super happy about them. i think they fit alright and they are both medium (maybe the fit of bloomsbury is like the leather jacket so a large might be too large in the end) 


brown post commander leather jacket 




ignition blazer

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Very nice mate. I like the fit. I'll get you measurements of the Bloomsbury and those other two items you asked me about. I left the house this morning and forgot to do them, still a little dopey after sleeping since 5:00 yesterday evening! I'll do them this evening when I get home.
But one thing, you might get your tailor to take in those sleeves on the highbury jacket. You have the same problem as me and aahz with allsaints sleeves. If that is the case then get a medium in the Bloomsbury jacket.
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thanks buddy! sure. no problem. send them whenever you can. 


about the sleeves..you mean that sleeves are longer than they should be? maaaaybe i feel that way a little bit with the ignition blazer but not with the post commander jacket. but from what ive been told, a blazer should be a little longer because you straighten your arm it goes back (my right arm holding the cam for instance). im a total rookie with blazers so...every advice is welcome! 

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Your right arm just looks a little long and a little loose. If it fits ok when you have your arms relaxed then it should be ok. I personally like a little bit if my shirt or jumper to be showing when I wear a blazer.
The leather fits great.
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hmm maybe ure right. but ill play around with it with shirts and tshirts to see how i like it best. maybe ill add a photo later in the evening wearing a shirt or something. thanks though :D 

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You might've gotten the ingnition blazer a size too large there, maybe.

Man, did I have fun shopping today. Held out on the Warwick blazer because even though I knew there were probably only 1-2 items remaining in size 40, I could just feel there was a price reduction coming. And, as it turns out it came this morning and I jumped on it as soon as I woke up: saved myself $170.

Also picked up the only 2 tees I found worth buying this season (online at least), Statue cut collar and Barrier cut collar, both at full price because they're part of the "Not for sale" campaign.

Then, I later decided to risk it and got the warwick trousers in size 36 from the US website, as they sold out on size 32 on the uk one. They're seem very slim fitting, so hopefully it'll be a good fit still. If not, I'll take 'em to the tailor.

After that I decided to pick up the charge chino in willow green, on the UK website. On the "way" there, also saw a cecil cardigan for only 35 euros (quarter of the price almost), so picked that up as well. These are still gonna cost a lot, cause I sent them to a proxy called forward2me, which is pretty expensive, but it'll be worth it.

All in all, very satisfied =]

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lavoisier i think that if i got the ignition blazer a size smaller it wouldnt even fit due to my wide shoulders :P 

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Maybe, I can't tell just with one picture, but I'm pretty sure going one size down wouldn't make the shoulders too short on you.

Apex coat available in size 40 at the US website for 380 dollars. There's probably only one.

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New collection partially on the website now. Lame so far.

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Saw that this morning. Same old stuff really. Couple if nice shirts. Duncan and murakami shirts are worth a punt.
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I liked the Ravine shirt. I guess they'll still update the leather section. There's no tailoring right now either.

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Yea I always look forward to the leathers every season. The ravine shirt is quite nice too. Bit like my shibuya shirt though.
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phukette the shibuya shirt is stunning. tried looking for it on ebay but i had no luck. 

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It is pretty nice alright. Real summer piece. I don't wear it half as much as I should!
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i have two questions for you guys


are their tshirts subject to making holes etc?


also, anyone knows how the metamorphosis blazer fit? if i were to buy it, should i opt for a medium?

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Well audit30 allsaints are not exactly famous for quality especially on the jersey department. But I find they go shapeless very quickly but Ive had no issues with holes. Yet.
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That sucks... they have some of the most awesome designs ive seen. Too bad they arent equally good in terms of quality
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