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Yeah, Excess 8BT and Thanaz 660Q.

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Love your style, Aahz.  Mature, classy, and stylish..need i say more?

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Thanks, man!

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Allsaints are having promotion at the moment. 25% off when you enter the code WINTER at the checkout. Excludes leathers and archive.
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Hi Aahz, I originally ordered a 38 and I'm 6" and 170 pounds. Planning to wear it casually on a shirt and sweater.

Do you think 40 would be too big for me?

I kind of want it to fit like this



It seems like all the models are wearing size 40 though..

How large was it when you wore a 40?

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I'd stick with a 38 if you want casual and more fitted. That's what I have, and I'm 6'1 / 175.


I found the 40 too big for my tastes - would be a more proper fit if I was just wearing over a suit all the time.


You could even pull off a 36 if you really want it to hug you, like this:



But it'll quickly get tight if you layer underneath it.

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Hey Phukette and everyone else,

Just signed up to this website after stumbling across this thread! I absolutely love All Saints, to the point that I actually check their site almost daily hoping to find some new releases!! The only thing I don't tend to buy much of is there jeans as I'm a Diesel lover so thought this thread was right up my street!!

Phukette - I've been trying to get hold of the Spires blazer for a while now but its out of stock in my size. I'd say 65% of my All Saints clothes are a size small, 25% of them are XS and a few knits I have are medium. I only own 1 blazer from All Saints which is a casual Miliner blazer so it's not a very sharp cut but I bought that in size small. My question is - do you think the 38" chest in the Spires blazer will fit me or do they come up quite big? It doesn't say if its regular or slim fit on the website. Because I'm short at 5'7" I much prefer more fitted, shorter jackets. Not sure whether to go for the 38 and have it tailored or take the risk and wait to see if the 36 comes back in stock.

I've also been on the market for a new leather. I currently have the Propaganda and Archive leather jacket but wanted something new. I bought the Diverse leather pea coat which was the most amazing fit and leather but the shearling collar really cheapened it IMO! It was quite scraggy looking and think it would have looked nicer with a lighter shearling or even fur! I actually contemplated keeping it and seeing if my tailor coud change the collar but at £395 thought it was a bit risky!! I sent it back and ordered the Alter leather shirt which is really nice but there's something about the fit which I'm not sure about. It seems a bit bulky so might send it back and ask for the XS instead.

Lastly (sorry to go on but so glad I found this thread!), do you know if they'll be showcasing a preview of their Spring 2013 collection this month like they did last year? The had a section on their site and in their stores with items from their new season about mid December with items like the Gridd jumper and hoodie which I snapped straight up!

Sorry for such a long first post!!!
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Right, first of all welcome to the site!
The spires blazer is a regular fit and like all the allsaints winter collection it's roomier so I would size down. I got a 38 which fit fine but should've got a 36. My tailor has sorted it for me though. As for leathers. This seasons hot picks for me would be the tricky leather and the ruin leather shirt but again size down in both. And so far allsaints have released no info on the upcoming season but they can be very cagey about these things.
If you require any other info don't hesitate to ask and post some pics!!
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Thanks for the quick reply!

I live in Cardiff and we have a huge All Saints store but unfortunately it was downgraded at the beginning of last season and therefore they no longer stock the entire range - they only seem to sell the ramskull items now which I usually try and avoid!! I'm having to order most things online these days and I often find it really difficult to tell what the item is like by looking on the site. I just received the Nevis crew, Expedition shirt and Pentonville Henley yesterday but was gutted as didn't like any of them. They'll be going back - spending a fortune on postage these days!!

Have you bought any new items recently? I'm quite intrigued by the Pied jacket but think it's one of those items I need to see in the flesh!

I'll get some pics on here later - if there's anything you want to see let me know as I may have it and can post it for you.
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Yeah I'm not a fan of the pied jacket myself! The last thing I bought was the spires blazer, I'm waiting for the sales to go mad. I want the Cecil cardigan and ruin leather for sure but as usual I'll get a load of tees and tops for the summer in the sales. I was gonna get the Richmond coat but it keeps selling out in the small and I saw a ted baker jacket that was a lot nicer and a steal at €150. I was at an allsaints outlet yesterday and got a really nice shirt that fits like allsaints used to fit. I was delighted, only €28!
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Wearing my allsaints ridge knit today as its colder than a witches tit here!
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Hey guys, I registered just to show my appreciation for this appreciation thread. I absolutely love All Saints, but sadly there are no stores that carry their products in Brazil, so I'm stuck with ebay and their official website (and ridiculous import taxes, obviously).

Anyways, it's awesome to see some real pictures of some of the products as they look quite different from the website photos sometimes. The fit recommendations are also helpful, but I'm strongly against sizing down with their products, as I find they're already really slim fitting, if not small to size. My Ruin Leather Shirt in medium barely closes down, and I barely have a 40" chest.

How do you guys find their jeans? I really liked these: http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/jeans/allsaints-byron-iggy/?colour=451&category=7

But they're sold out in my size, along with most of their stuff I'd care to buy on the website.

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Welcome Lavoisier! Always good to meet another allsaints fan. I've tried their jeans a couple of times and been quite pleased. All washes are very basic compared to diesel but I like the fit of the Iggy, it's classicly slim with a straight profile right the way down. It's very slim but not skinny. And as for sizing down sometimes its needed. Their shirts and jersey can be quite oversized especially in a regular fit but the ruin jacket is quite is slim fitting. I tried it on recently in a small and it was ok although a little snug and couldn't be worn as a jacket but ok as a shirt and the medium was more comfortable but the sleeves were too wide. It was quite the conundrum I found myself in! I'm waiting for it to go on sale before I buy even though its not looking likely that it'll happen at the moment.
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Good to know about the jeans, seems like the iggy fit is exactly what I'm looking for. Apparently their jeans are sized down too, as most people I've asked on Ebay measured the jeans they were selling and pretty much always got a result 2 inches bigger than the official size (32 official sizing = 34 actual waist size and so on).

As for the Ruin jacket, mine was actually almost unbearably tight on the arms, but thankfully it seems to have stretched quite a bit, and now fits like it should. I actually find I can't wear mine as a shirt, only as a jacket, because I can't properly button it up on the chest area (it suits me, though, as I like really slim jackets).

I'm currently on the lookout for that Avern leather jacket (looks really cool), and a few other items (on the fence about the spires blazer).

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The avern is simply stunning. Aahz posted pics of it on "what diesel are you wearing today" thread and it looked so damn good I went straight to allsaints online store and its disappeared! I'll check on eBay. The spires blazer is amazing. I was on the fence about it for ages and I bought at 25% off and I was only gonna wear it a couple of times then sell it. But now I couldn't bear to part with it!
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hey phukette, since you have the bloomsbury jacket...any advice on how it fits? i usually wear a medium in tshirts-jackets etc but their site doesnt have it in medium...im guessing a large would be oversized for me? 

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Yeah. A large wouldn't be as nice. It's very tailored. Medium is the way to go.
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alrighty. i hope itll be back in stock soon. thanks mate! 

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I wouldn't count on it going back in stock, big retailers hold sales precisely to get rid of a season's collection and make way for the next one. Your best bet now is checking daily on Ebay.

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As far as I know the bloomsbury jacket is being carried forward into this season so there is a good chance they'll get more sizes in.
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Yeah. A large wouldn't be as nice. It's very tailored. Medium is the way to go.

I had to take a large despite being a medium for most jackets, it's a slim tailored fit and the medium wasn't big enough in te arms for me ... I tried mine on in London
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Oh yeah I should've mentioned that. I have quite slender arms. Something I'm working on rolleyes.gif
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umm...then maybe i should go with a Large since my arms are quite big. but then im not sure how the chest would fit. 

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Get a large then. I'd rather a chest size with a bit of room than not being able to get my arms into it.
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alright thanks. what about their tshirts? should i go for medium? 

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