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Jean help

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Hey guys, I'm a young guy and I really like diesel jeans like this one :http://store.diesel.com/us/joggjeans_cod36293482vv.html

, but there is no way I can afford them. I like jeans that are roomy at the hips and have carrot legs like this one, but at a much lower price. Can anybody help me with this?

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ehhh,maybe it's hard to find.

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I would say, look at Ebay. Maybe you will find some auctions. a look at the mall on the site.

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Definitely eBay

I sold brand new Diesel jeans that were unworn when I lost weight and got a fraction of their retail price, so you should find a bargain.

If you have a TKMAXX near you, you can find $250 Diesel jeans for abou$40 as well
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