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The greatest dilemma in my life ><!! Help!

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So after searching and searching and saving and saving, I finally got my hands on both thanaz 8sv and 73j, however I got them both in 27x32!! The 32 is toooo long. Now generally I just get my jeans hemmed, but I feel like my pants won't retain its value if I were to get them hemmed. Would you pull the trigger for a great fit, or would you just leave them to save value?? I don't think I'm going to resell these any time soon. Also are there any negatives on hemming jeans? Will it make the fit look weird?

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Post fit pix so we can see what they look like!

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I would not do that. it is very expensive jeans and they'll lose in price.

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I am a 30L.... And I try to get jeans that comes in right length because I think the longer lengths the knees and fading do not align well... Not to mention that you will loose details at the hem (wrinklings and fadings).

So my rule of thumb is I try to get right length if I can.

If not, then it comes down to how bad you want the jeans.

Then it comes down to price of the jeans. For example if the jeans are 32L but I got them at heavily discounted price then I will hem (original hem of course). Otherwise if you paying full or high value I would not hem (because hemming decrease value of the jeans).

However in yOur case sounds like you will keep these for a while you should 1) post fit pix first so we can see the stacking and 2) then decide to hem or not.
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yeah dude, how do they look? if they look good, keep em as is! fit pics would help for sure.


and btw, it's amazingly awesome that this is your biggest dilemma ever! i wish i were so lucky icon_confused.gif

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personally i've never wanted a pair of jeans so bad that i've got a size that wasnt mine. if it's not 100% right my rule of thumb is to pass.  seeing as it sounds that you'll be keeping these i wouldnt hesitate to hem (original hems), however best to post fit pics as both of these are skinny washes and stacking would prob look good or not bad enough to need to hem. they're not bootcut or anything so it's not like the back is going to drag on the ground and get all ratty looking.

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Since you want to keep them I would suggest you to hem them like the others said.

My Thanaz 73v is 30x34 but I wear 29x30 so I gave them to a tailor. She hemmed them, made the waist tighter and made the leg opening like Tepphar.

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Do you see your jeans as investments or do you just like to show off your nice looking Diesel's?

If you prefer the first option, don't hem them. Buy a nice showcase and store them there.
If you prefer the second option, hem them if they're that long. If done correctly, no one will notice and you can shine icon_cool.gif
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